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Is it Time to Ban Christmas Presents Altogether?

Wumingren Wrote: Nov 24, 2012 1:39 PM
Not just minorities, because mathematically, there are far more white folks on the welfare rolls. I don't like it when the Left ignores the white faction each time they accuse Republicans of racism when we talk about the need to reform welfare. If all the Blacks now on welfare suddenly got good jobs and dropped from the welfare rolls, we'd still have a huge problem with welfare caused by white folks. It's about fraud, waste and abuse, not race.

Here is the "Black Friday" question of the day from Martin Lewis at the Telegraph: Is it time to ban Christmas presents?

Is it time to ban Christmas presents? Across the country people are growling at the enforced obligation to waste money on that they can't afford, for people who won't use it. Festive gift-giving has lost its point, risks doing more harm than good, misteaches our children about values and kills the joy of anticipation...

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