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Don't Let Obama Kill "Pills for Profit"

Wumingren Wrote: Jan 29, 2013 11:21 AM
You, Daddio, are perhaps unaware that we are fighting a battle to keep "super bugs" under control. We are seeing more, more deadly, and more ubiquitous bacteria that are untreatable with current antibiotics. When biotechnological research is stymied by stupid Lib-prog policies, and the super bugs break out of any containment at all, hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of people, will perish. By the way, all those nationalized healthcare systems around the world are also noted for abusing antibiotics (I lived in Asia for 20 years and watched it), which is one reason for the emergence of super bugs.
Wumingren Wrote: Jan 29, 2013 11:26 AM
People are able to obtain drugs (many of which are counterfeit) over the counter and without a doctor's prescription. When these people self-treat for illnesses, they do not follow rigorous routines. The take small doses of drugs and they don't take them long enough to achieve a victory over the bacteria that infects them. Instead, they merely kill off the weaker bugs, allowing the stronger ones to replicate and grow stronger. Bacteria can mutate very rapidly, and we are breeding stronger ones, even if unintentionally, just like we breed stronger varieties of plants and animals on purpose.

Biotech company Excelixis CEO George Scangos likes to quote oil wildcatter JP Getty when asked about his philosophy for success: “Get up early; work hard; find oil,” he deadpans.

And under the direction of dry-humored Scangos, the San Francisco-based company is drilling a lot of research holes, so to speak.

They have to: Success in the biotech industry is measured incrementally, not in big steps. It’s a cash-and-time intensive industry where success is painstaking, rare and, because of Obamacare and other regulatory burdens from the administration, likely to become even rarer.   

According to Plunkett Research, Ltd in 2010 it...

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