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A Morally-Confused Marine

Wumingren Wrote: Feb 05, 2013 10:35 AM
It all comes down to a single word: innocence. The human in a womb is innocent. In a just war, one's opponent is not innocent. In capital punishment, the criminal is not innocent. And Jesus Christ took upon Himself all of our sins, that we may be forgiven. He laid down His life for us, that we may have salvation. He was tempted by Satan to forego being punished for mankind's sins and become ruler over the world. As the Son of God, Jesus could have said, "Yeah, you know what? I'm not gonna suffer and die for these bozos!" He had the power to destroy all those who would have harmed Him, but He used the free will given men, and He chose Life for mankind.

Last week, the Washington Post published an opinion piece by a Marine captain titled, "I Killed People in Afghanistan. Was I Right or Wrong?"

The column by Timothy Kudo, who is now a graduate student at New York University, is a fine example of the moral confusion leftism has wrought over the last half century. Captain Kudo's moral confusion may predate his graduate studies, but if so, it has surely been reinforced and strengthened at NYU.

The essence of Mr. Kudo's piece is that before he served in Afghanistan he was ethically unprepared for killing, that killing is...

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