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You forgot to mention that your emails are also in the bowels of the NSA.
Smarmy bassturd! Haven't you ever heard of backed up files? There is no way that any documents lost due to a computer crash couldn't not be retrieved. There are laws and operating procedures that would have required all documents to have been backed up. Congress should subpoena all the computers that all the computers that those bums had access to. If they haven't lost ALL of their documents for the periods in question, then it can easily be surmised that documents were selectively deleted. Besides that, hard drives can be recovered by professional geeks, and the FBI has forensics that can examine any criminal's computers to find data for evidence. It is time for the FBI to do its job! It will take an act of Congress, though, because Holder will not proceed on his own.
She is facing potential terror tactics. The first attempt at destroying the World Trade Center in New York and the Boston Marathon bombing are just the prelude. The Muslims say they're only mad at the U.S. for having troops on their "sacred" soil, but once all troops are brought home, the Muslims will still be mad at us, and they'll be actively blowing up school buses, churches, malls, schools, etc. to prove it. I wonder if Lois would wake up when bits of someone's brain rain down on her. It won't be bits of her own brain, because she's just a brainless troll.
Given that the majority of malcontents in the NSA and the uniformed services who have betrayed their country were gay, it comes as no surprise that this traitor was taken by his "rescuers" as a boy toy. He deserved every poke he got.
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The Ambassador and the Post Office

Wumingren Wrote: Jun 04, 2014 3:22 PM
So, there's a law that says only the U.S. Postal Service can access private owners' mailboxes. But, is there any law that says a private owner can't just put up a second mailbox for the use of other carriers? I suppose, however, that doing so would only spark revenge from the unionists in the USPS, who will go around with baseball bats to destroy alternate mailboxes.
Michelle Obama’s school lunch program is a complete failure, as evidenced by the heaps of food going out the back door in garbage cans and highlighted by the constant denials coming from Michelle and the Leftist League. If they can make our kids eat what they want them to eat, why can’t they also force them to be more active? I’m not advocating any more government directed programs here, just sayin’ that if they have the power to manipulate calorie intake on one side of the metabolic process, why can’t they manipulate the metabolic process on the other end by requiring more physical activity? Ouch! No! Actually, they wouldn’t have to force kids to play actively if they’d just allow them to engage in the traditional childhood activities: tag, dodge ball, Cowboys & Indians (okay, to be politically correct, let's say, "Humans & Space Invaders”), etc. Bring back playground equipment that is fun to play on, like challenging cargo net rope obstacle courses. And, ban electronic games and iPhones on school grounds, otherwise all the kids will be shuffling around like a troupe of thumb twiddling zombies. Or, how about they let kids ride their bikes to school? Drive by any public school and see how many bikes are parked there. Few to none. If they’d allow kids to attend the schools in their own neighborhoods, instead of being bused across town for political reasons, they’d be able to ride their bikes. Of course, schools would have to allow them to do so (Sunny Hollow Elementary School in New Hope, Minnesota, didn’t allow my kids to ride their bikes to school). They bubble wrap our kids and wonder why they look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.
It occurs to me that one reason why the Democrats have been unable to bring themselves to fire Shinseki is because it would look bad for them to fire a minority. To the Dems, it's all about race and nothing about merit.
I live in Asia for 20 years, 12 years with AF intel and 8 years with an intel agency not to be named. I fought Communism for two decades overseas, but all the while I should have been fighting Communism right here in America. It makes me sick at heart to see how the Democrats — an umbrella operation for socialists, communists, fascists, and Obamunists — have "fundamentally changed America." Immigrants from tyrannical countries are also expressing their dismay that they had escaped communism only to find themselves jumping from the frying pan into the fire.
It was clueless RINOs, not conservatives. A whole lot of conservatives didn't vote last time because Romney was just another RINO.
Indeed. I was wondering how YouTube allows the video to remain posted. Perhaps she told them it was all just a play act.
There is also the possibility that she will not be able to conceive another child. Abortion can cause infertility. Pro-abortion people will deny this, but I know three women who have been unable to conceive a second child after aborting the first one.
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