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My brother-in-law worked as an engineer on Saudi roads. He said that the Saudis would invoke allah and you dared not argue for fear of being accused of blasphemy. One time, as he passed through Customs, the agent pulled out his Nike running shoes from his suitcase and set them aside. As my brother-in-law packed up his clothes and reached for his shoes, the agent stopped him. When my brother-in-law asked what was going on, the agent said, “Allah has told me to keep these.” That was the end of the story. Shoes … gone. Another time, he went to the Post Office to buy postage stamps. He asked how much it cost for a sheet of First Class Airmail Stamps, and the clerk gave him the price. My brother-in-law pulled the cash out of his wallet and handed it to the clerk. The clerk then just sat there. When he asked for his stamps, the clerk told him how much it would cost. When he argued, the clerk said allah was his witness, and that was that. He pulled out more cash to give to the clerk, but this time, he kept a firm grip on it and made a simultaneous exchange of cash for stamps. Muslims have a sweet thing going. They just declare the will of allah, and they can’t be touched.
Stupid Townhall won't take Chinese characters.
“The arch-conservative monarchy [of Saudi Arabia] funded the Vienna-based King Abdullah International Center for Interfaith and Intercultural Dialogue.” Reminds me of Mao Tse-tung’s “Hundred Flowers Movement” [????; pinyin: Baihua yùndòng], whereby citizens were encouraged to express their opinions of the Communist regime. Those who said anything negative got disappeared. The slogan, “Never again!” referring to the Jewish Holocaust, seems unlikely to deter the Muslims nor to encourage the people of the West. Not only are we seeing a significant rise in anti-Semitism, with Jews being murdered all around the world, we are seeing a corresponding increase in the murder of Christians. Indeed, Christians are seeing the beginnings of a holocaust directed not just at Jews, but also at themselves, and no one seems to be doing anything about it. Instead of giving Christians refugee status to escape genocide in the Middle East, we are giving refugee status to Muslims who have been targeted by other Muslims. Now those refugees are seeing hundreds of their own returning to the Middle East to fight in jihad. And, lest anyone think it is just dandy to have Muslims killing each other in the Middle East, please understand that these battle-hardened jihadis will return to their ports of safe haven, where they will inflict terror upon their host communities. Get ready for World War III, America. It is just getting started.
Who says they stopped dumping in their diapers/turbans?
The House can pass any number of good bills, but Harry will never let them come to the Senate floor. I am impressed that the GOP has found a way to outmaneuver Harry and his henchmen. Still, I'd like to know which GOP faction was responsible for the maneuver. It is difficult for me to believe the plan was hatched by any RINO. It is actually easy for me to believe that the RINOs would have been opposed to the trick.
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The McDonnell Verdict

Wumingren Wrote: Sep 09, 2014 3:48 PM
Just goes to show that if you're a Republican (or a Christian, for that matter), you had better not give even the appearance of impropriety, for the target on your back glows in neon orange. It is not correct that Democrats get away with all the unethical behaviors that they do, but it is not correct for anyone to behave unethically. Conservatives must know that they are always under the microscope. Just don't do bad things, regardless of what Democrats get away with.
It would not be a deterrent to these wastes of human skin.
The solution for this restaurant owner might be to put a coupon in local church bulletins, so that it isn't the church bulletin that gets patrons a discount but merely a coupon. The fact that a patron had to cut it out from a church bulletin can no more be attacked than if they had to cut it out of the local newspaper.
The discount wasn't given to Christians only; it was given to anyone with a church bulletin in their hand. Anyone can obtain a church bulletin without having to be a Christian.
And yet, anyone who obtains a church bulletin -- while remaining an atheist -- can come in for a discounted meal.
This app is stupid. Let's say Company A sells items 2 and 4, while Company B sells the items 1, 3, and 5. But, the makers of items 1, 3, and 5 are known to support liberal causes, while the makers of items 2 and 4 are known to support conservative causes. Now, let's say that Company A makes political donations to liberal causes, and Company B makes donations to conservative causes. I hope this stupid app fails, but I also hope it doesn't get a government bailout!
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