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These Muslim terrorists will continue their beheading spree until we start beheading them, too. That was the case in the Philippines in the early 1970s, when the Muslim insurgents were routinely chopping heads off of civilians in the southern islands to instill fear. Terror worked against the civilian populations and their civilian police forces. When the Philippine Army was called in, the Muslim's beheading campaign demoralized the Army, which was losing the war badly. Finally, the Philippine Constabulary was called in, and they did to the Muslims what the Muslims had been doing to their victims. The PC chopped off heads, arms, legs, leaving carnage everywhere they encountered the Muslim forces. The Philippine Army was disgusted by what they saw the PC doing, and they even complained to senior officials in Manilla. But the PC was not deterred, and soon, the Muslims withdrew. The Muslims withdrew because in their religious belief that if an enemy beheads you and dismembers your body, you will not enter into Heaven. The Muslims knew that the PC were condemning them all to Hell, so they backed off. Unless we are willing to behead Islamists and show the videos to the world, Muslims will not be deterred. Heads must roll if we are ever to subdue the Muslims.
That's already the problem....
Yup. I recall a time when my older brother disrespected our mother, and Dad popped him one in the mouth and told him, "Do not disrespect YOUR mother. Do not disrespect MY wife!" I am so glad to have had an older brother, so I could learn from his mistakes and thus limit the number of my own.
Women want their men to be metrosexuals in social situations — you know, the gay guy is just “one of the gals” — but they won’t marry that sort of man. Metrosexuals’ effeminate affects make me want to puke. They get to hang out with the ladies, because they’re “safe,” but when a woman wants to procreate, she wants a man. You don’t have to be a chest pounder to be a man; just be a man. Treat women with respect, but don’t turn yourself into a metrosexual to please them.
That has been the case for decades.
Ray asked, "But isn't that unethical?" But did he attempt to secure any of the documents to prevent their destruction?
The media will start doing its job again once a Republican is seated in the Oval Office. Well, maybe that's saying too much. They will certainly report on any problems while the GOP is on watch, but they will also likely fabricate lies and innuendo to further the agenda of the Leftist League.
It worked for the Philippine Constabulary in stopping the Muslim insurgents ... after the Philippine Army failed to halt the northward advances of the Islamist terrorists. The Philippine Army general complained about the brutality of the PC, but the Muslims did retreat when treated with the same brutality they were inflicting on the local peasants.
"Conservatives never compromise. They simply won't do it our way!" (More from the Leftist League).
My brother-in-law worked as an engineer on Saudi roads. He said that the Saudis would invoke allah and you dared not argue for fear of being accused of blasphemy. One time, as he passed through Customs, the agent pulled out his Nike running shoes from his suitcase and set them aside. As my brother-in-law packed up his clothes and reached for his shoes, the agent stopped him. When my brother-in-law asked what was going on, the agent said, “Allah has told me to keep these.” That was the end of the story. Shoes … gone. Another time, he went to the Post Office to buy postage stamps. He asked how much it cost for a sheet of First Class Airmail Stamps, and the clerk gave him the price. My brother-in-law pulled the cash out of his wallet and handed it to the clerk. The clerk then just sat there. When he asked for his stamps, the clerk told him how much it would cost. When he argued, the clerk said allah was his witness, and that was that. He pulled out more cash to give to the clerk, but this time, he kept a firm grip on it and made a simultaneous exchange of cash for stamps. Muslims have a sweet thing going. They just declare the will of allah, and they can’t be touched.
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