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Romney Draws Crowd of 30,000 in Pennsylvania

wulf73 Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 11:55 AM
Why Dan, I didn't realize you made the trip to Pennsylvania all the way from Nevada and know this as fact since you were there in person. I also did not realize that you were so gullible as to believe anything that Axelrod or Plouffe say, 'cause we all know that Axelrod never lies.

Yesterday Mitt Romney rallied 30,000 supporters in Pennsylvania, a state many have said will go for President Obama on Election Day.

The stands were packed, the bright lights were on and the crowd was chanting. It was a frigid Bucks County night in early November, but it wasn't a Council Rock-Pennsbury football game.

It was Mitt Romney's final drive for the White House, his two-minute drill of a stump speech and a Hail Mary pass to win a state that hasn't gone for a Republican presidential candidate in nearly a quarter-century.