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How do 401K's benefit corporations?
The estate tax does not apply to just the richest 1%, what are you talking about? The estate tax applies to everyone. Why do you think an estate has to be settled after a death? This does not mean the rich people's housing estates.
The government should not do anything about it. For if you knew the bible better, you would also know that Jesus said, "My kingdom is not of this world".
You're an idiot. Not even a dem would say that, let alone anyone else, just you.
If Obamacare is such a good thing, than why did the President and congress exempt themselves from it? Evidently what is good for the goose is not good for the gander?
There is no safety net for anyone, it has been spent already. That is why they want to raise taxes, because they don't have enough money to keep giving to everybody. Social security has been bankrupt for the last several years, the current workers are what is keeping the seniors and and the poverty stricken going, except now we don't have enough workers to do that. We will be the next Greece and Portugal.
The Eurozone never got out of the recession, just like the United States has not got out of it's recession. People will realize this when all of the money printing causes massive inflation to kick in.
Nancy, quit sleeping with Trumka and get back to work.
Really? Where have the jobs been for the last four years? You better go drink more Kool Aid so you can figure that one out.
Except the worker is getting screwed by the union boss and so is the employer. Think GM.
So Trumka disagrees with Obama? Obama keeps talking about the fiscal cliff and the debt crisis. Wow, who new that Warren Buffet and Trumka would agree on something, and Trumka isn't even an economist. Mr. Trumka, I've got two letters for you: MI
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