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"Your position completely boggles me and I just do not understand it" - Soledad O'Brien. Well, no one ever accused Soledad of being smart or halfway intelligent.
Soledad, if an intruder broke into your home, would you want a weapon to protect yourself? If a gun or guns were allowed in schools by security officials or the principal or assistant principal, these things would either not happen, or fewer people would die because the perpetrator would be taken out before too much damage could be done. Get a effing clue.
Why does Soledad have a job? Soledad, do you have a gun to protect yourself? And why do you need armed security where you work? Most people do not have armed security where they work. Educate yourself please, on the different types of weapons, you are embarrassing yourself.
Short Tom evidently doesn't know how to look up facts on his own since he keeps posting false information. Try looking up the last Farm Bill that was passed in 2008 Tom, and you will find the 84% of the farm bill did not go to farmers.
And these people call themselves adults. Junior high bullies, all of them. And people wonder what is wrong with young adults and kids these days. Look at who their parents, grandparents and supposedly role models are. They are all right here in this video. Morons, all of them.
No one ever accused Filthy Harry of being a leader. I have one question: Mr. Reid, if a consensus is reached to increases taxes on the rich, will this include yourself and everyone else in Congress, the White House, the Czars, since all of you are multimillionaires, or will this just be another law that exempts you and your colleagues, such as with Obamacare? After all, there are many in your rank who owe back taxes and still have not paid, yet are still employed and not in jail like the average American citizen would be. Is this just another one of your "Do as I say, not as I do" moments? Fair question.
Stupid is as stupid says.
Why should this surprise anyone? Idiots ALWAYS bite the hand that feeds them.
No he is not.
How do 401K's benefit corporations?
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