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Has Christianity Become Intolerable?

W Tyndle Wrote: Sep 27, 2012 1:26 PM
Jayne you seem awful angry towards Christians, as well as arrogant, self-righteous and uncharitable towards them. The question is; if you own a business, why shouldn't you be able to choose with whom you do business with. When I was a younger man, there were places that required me to put a shirt and shoes on!! The humanity of it all!
du2 Wrote: Sep 28, 2012 7:21 AM
Yeah and you'd get a sign WARNING you about the dress code requirements. To deny service to a person, and they have NO IDEA for what reason, that's ILLEGAL. If you deny them service for being gay, it's doing so for an attribute that person has no choice in. THAT is illegal too. Dress codes, and physical attributes are too different things. One is a matter of choice, the other isn't. And INVISIBLE religious test, that's inconsistent in THAT principle is illegal too. If you're going to discriminate that way, put up a sign for ALL those who meet that criteria, not JUST gay people.
There has been a demonstrable move away from Judeo-Christian faith and practice in Europe for a number of years. Just ask British hoteliers Peter and Hazelmary Bull.

What was once respected as authoritative is now considered Victorian, and what was widely embraced as a moral guide has been dismissed with the morals in which it guided people…all in the name of tolerance, mind you.

And so the Bulls have experienced the irony of ironies that Christianity is being forced out of the room by those who claim tolerance as their guiding principle.

They used to be poked fun at...