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Number of Americans on Food Stamps Hit Another Record High

wtmoore1 Wrote: Dec 10, 2012 3:20 PM
And the "war on drugs" hasn't shown much benefit either, has it? But indicating that we are taking the wrong approach, with which I absolutely agree, does not mean that we shouldn't be continuing to address poverty as a problem. The fact is, capitalism is built on the notion that people can freely rise and fall on their own merit for the betterment of society. So it benefits Republicans, in their defense of the free market, to have a system where that is actually the case, and where racial, educational, or socio-economic barriers to success don't keep people from achieving through their merit.

It doesn't look like President Obama will be able to shed his reputation as the food stamp president any time soon. According to new data from the USDA, the number of people on food stamps has hit another all time high of 47,710,324 which is up by 600,000 from August. To be fair, this number is a bit distorted due to disaster relief from Hurricane Sandy.


A report from the Senate Budget Committee showed last week that the government is spending the cash equivalent of $168 a day...

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