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NAACP Requires Photo I.D. to See Holder Speak in State Being Sued Over Voter ID

wtmoore1 Wrote: Jul 10, 2012 3:51 PM
It is a right conferred upon citizens, and I don't deny that a government issued photo ID would prove that beyond a doubt. The question is does that requirement do more harm than good--meaning, do we lose more people who would otherwise vote because they don't have a valid government-issued photo ID and don't have the means to get one or are in a position where obtaining one is extremely difficult than fraudulent voters that would vote under someone else's name. Voter fraud isn't really a problem that sways election results (again, I would love to see the evidence of voter fraud, not just voter registration fraud), so imposing a requirement only creates another barrier for poor people to vote.

Earlier today, Attorney General Eric Holder addressed the NAACP Nation Convention at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas. What did media need in order to attend? That's right, government issued photo identification (and a second form of identification too!), something both Holder and the NAACP stand firmly against when it comes to voting. Holder's DOJ is currently suing Texas for "discriminatory" voter ID laws. From the press release:

All media must present government-issued photo I.D. (such as a driver’s license) as well as valid media credentials. Members of the media must RSVP to receive press...

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