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Muslim World Hates America More Under Obama Than It Did Under Bush

wtmoore1 Wrote: Mar 22, 2013 2:04 PM
You found the word "Sharia" in an article about courts. Good job. Only someone who knows very little about our legal system would think that a trial court decision like that holds some creeping danger for our legal system. Give me a break. Ask any legal scholar. It's just not a legitimate concern (that is, anywhere else besides Republican state legislatures).

Remember when President Obama gave that big speech in Cairo at the beginning of his first term essentially calling Americans bigots for not "understanding" the Muslim world? And remember when Obama promised to clean up the so-called mess left behind by President George W. Bush when it came to the American image and relationship with the Muslim world? According to a new poll, the Muslim world has an even less favorable view of the United States under Obama than it did under Bush.

Despite downgrading the trip, many see Obama's arrival as the sequel to his...