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Gridlock and Gun Control

wtmoore1 Wrote: Aug 06, 2012 2:30 PM
I'm sure there are many military veterans with the training necessary to act with prudence in such a situation, but I'm more concerned with the average person carrying a gun in that situation with minimal training. I fully believe that most of those people have taken CCW classes, and done a significant amount of target practice, and other things that make them somewhat safe and a good shot. But those people, and even military veterans to some extent, are not trained on how to deescalate the situation without resorting to more violence.
When speaking with swing voters (yes, there really are some truly moderate people left), I often encounter a fierce animus against the gridlock in Washington. They typically blame both political parties for the inability of our leaders to resolve the issues of the day. I reply by informing them that we have entered a period of little compromise. Among the reasons for this environment is Wayne LaPierre and the NRA, and what they’ve caused is not necessarily a bad thing.

To put this in context, I don’t own a gun and I’m not a member of the NRA (although...