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The Equal Pay Delusion

WTFBuckley Wrote: Oct 17, 2014 1:18 PM
It's all part of the "War on Women" narrative that the Dems use to stay in power. That people continue to buy their lies says much about their supporters. They won't stop until they can find a way to force men to give birth, which means never. Our society now emasculates young boys any way they can while celebrating girls. Is it any wonder this country is in the state it's in? These boys grow up to be, not men, but just adult boys that don't give a $hit.
The Republicans, on the other hand, are more into self-destruction. The old-boy GOP network lays awake at night fretting that the Democrats don't like them. So they adopt progressive positions so the Dem's will pat them on the head - then throw them under the bus.
The liberal mind is airtight - it apparently receives no oxygen. They are self-preservation first, last and always. In the name of "compassion" - of course.
You left out a phrase - Don't be such a pu$$y! If these feminized libs had their way castration would be a legal form of punishment in this country. To suggest boys behaving like boys when they are young is responsible for domestic abuse is beyond idiotic. To quote Walt Kowalski, "that's how guys talk to each other".
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How Our World Fell Apart

WTFBuckley Wrote: Jul 24, 2014 11:21 AM
The slide continues... What is so amazing is that this fraud goes about fundraising and there are still plenty of trained seals out there flapping their fins at him. You watch him on the news and he's nothing but words coming out of an empty suit. It's totally believable that someone else is pulling the strings. I've never seen anything like it at this level. Trust in God - you cannot trust your government.
This is to be expected when you have a "free" press that refuses to hold the president accountable for anything (with the exception of it's liberal pet causes). They don't call him on anything. Even the healthcare rollout disaster was covered reluctantly, and only then because it was unavoidable. Not sure if the president is really that smart, or the gen-pop is actually that stupid. I fear it's the latter.
Almost 1,000 days left of this fraud's tenure. What an utter disgrace he is, and this country elected him twice. Combined with those criminals Reid and Pelosi, the damage done thus far is incalculable. Are we now going to follow this community organizer with the Queen of Nothing? God help us.
Time for a taxpayer revolt. Remind these elitist turds who is footing the bill here. Libs seem to think they can control thought, words and deeds to fit their worldview. The backlash against them and their enclaves will be harsh.
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'It Was Important for Us to Suffer'

WTFBuckley Wrote: Apr 01, 2014 9:46 AM
Amen! God will never leave us - we are the ones who turn away, and often are the worst for it. Amazing story of turning misery into ministry.
Lauer is beyond a lightweight. He was a local NYC news guy who hit the lottery career-wise. This is just his way of being provocative and also play to his constituency, which are basically morons.
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