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Lifetime's Perky Prostitute

wtf2 Wrote: Apr 20, 2012 7:12 PM
I'm so disappointed in her, I always thought she was so much better than this.
jim39 Wrote: Apr 20, 2012 8:00 PM
Ghost Whisperer should have disabused you of that notion; her Client List movie should count as further proof. But everyone makes mistakes. This one - the one Hewitt is making - is so egregious that she cannot be considered sane nor sober. Perhaps she was using meth when she decided to follow up on her movie role.

Ten years ago, perky actress Jennifer Love Hewitt tried to jump-start a music career with a song titled "Bare Naked." Now she's trying that attention-grabbing tactic again with a sleazy new Lifetime series called "The Client List." She plays a massage therapist who turns tricks.

That network has adopted a new slogan: "This is not your mother's Lifetime." That's appropriate for a new drama with a single-mother whore at its sympathetic center. We learn she was forced into being a sex worker when her husband mysteriously left her -- you know, the way of the world for single moms.

Hewitt first made...