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Romney Lays Out Clear Choice in Iowa

wsmith-84 Wrote: Oct 27, 2012 4:36 PM
"The president invested taxpayer money--your money--in green companies, now failed, that met his fancy, and sometimes were owned by his largest campaign contributors." Yea, that's crazy - Obama gave loan guarantees to 63 energy companies and 5 of them went bankrupt (an 8% failure rate. On the other hand, Bain, during Romney's tenure invested in 77 businesses of which 17 failed (a 22% FAILURE rate). That's right, Obama is about THREE TIMES better at picking winners than Romney is. It's a no brainer - Nutters want a business leader for president, nutters are voting for Obama. No? Explain.
In what The New York Times called a “closing speech framing the economic choice facing voters” in Ames, IA today, Romney delivered a clear delineation between the different paths American voters face in November:

This election is about big things--like the education of our children, the value of our homes, the take home pay from our jobs, the price of the gasoline we buy, and the choices we have in our healthcare. It is also about the big things that determine these things--like the growth of the economy, the strength of our military, our dependence on foreign oil, and...