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Hidden Video: Obama Lavishly Praises Reverend Wright Before Delivering Racially Charged Speech

wsmith-84 Wrote: Oct 03, 2012 2:31 AM
JRG3 wrote: "it's the same opinion held by many voters who don't forgive Obama all his negatives just because he's black, like you." So that's why Obama is far and away a better candidate than R'money? He's black? JGR3, you're part of the 25%. The 25% of gullible idiots who will believe ANYTHING they are told by their beloved propaganda peddlers on TH. Sorry, that's just not enough to win an election without all those voter suppression laws to back you up. See you November 7th.

The much-anticipated “Drudge Report” video obtained exclusively by The Daily Caller has finally surfaced. And it’s certainly worth watching in its entirety:

It’s worth noting that before anyone had even seen this clip, “journalists,” the elite media, and the Democratic National Committee were...