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Mudbrain says: "Only a demoshill like you considers the NY Times to be anything but a prog propaganda piece, wsmith." You seem to judge the veracity of EVERYTHING based on the source, not on the actual data. You lack the basic ability to distinguish reality from fantasy. Let me be as diplomatic as possible - YOU-ARE-AN-IDIOT!
Right, he bombed them using his drones. This from someone who believes Obama hasn't met the requirements to be president. You're like a child - an angry child.
Better than a pedophile, right wilford? I find it hysterical that ANYONE thinks I'm a big Obama supporter. I guess if you possess simple binary brain function in a black and white Manichean world, everything must be either 'a' or 'b'. Real people don't think that way - that appears to be unique to Town Hall nutters.
Nice vapid word salad there, maryann. I bet you believe that you're clever...
PS - Grifter, "projection" has a meaning. Just repeating a word you saw in the wrong context makes you "look" stupid.
Right, Grifter. Let's just call off the election and call Romney the winner then. What a dolt!
Silver is NOT a pollster. And if he was, NOBODY has turned their "decision making" over to him. Polls measure public sentiment, they don't shape it.
Kevin, you did a pretty decent job of explaining. You even came to the correct conclusion: "The answer to Nate Silver isn't to go back to traditional political punditry... but it's to develop ever more statistical models in the hopes of finding a better way... to forecast." But you HAD TO throw this in: "Circling back to Silver, if Romney pulls out a victory... it'll be a data point for Silver to add into his model to try to 'get it right' next time." WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! It will do NOTHING to change statistical modeling, it will simply show that a 22% probability (actually 27% at the time of my post) is INFINITELY greater than 0% probability. IT'S A MODEL!
Congratulations Senator Warren. Now Scotty Boy can go back and pursue his calling as a catalog model with "excellent hands, straight fingers, perfect nails" and ability to "hold things correctly."
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Gov. Kasich: Romney Will Win Ohio

wsmith-84 Wrote: Oct 29, 2012 10:17 PM
Yea, that Michelle Obama is such a disgusting PIG! The hell with Ann Romney - Rafalca has more class than Moochelle... Policy schmolicy - vote for the horse.
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