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Patriotic gal, I predict your child is going to be fine.
Guy, in the 1950's, almost everything you spent was deductible. Why don't you guy's with a heart look at the "Fair Tax"? It really is the only tax plan that makes sense.
What is a fair share? 20, 40, 60 per cent? How much do you pay?
More college grads, with more student debt, with no increase in available jobs. How does that possibly make sense? It doesn't. No wonder this generation is depressed. Lowering corporate taxes, to get the trillions that are currently been sheltered overseas, to come back to the good old USA for investment and getting rid of about half of the stifling government regulations that are killing business, would be a good start. With the oceans of natural gas that we're now tapping into, we should be able to return to a lot of good paying manufacturing jobs. But noooo, that would require our disfunctional congress to give up a lot of their power. "M" generation, you and the rest of us are screwed.
Have we forgotten about the "flash mobs"? Dozens of hoodlums rushing a business and helping themselves to "free" merchandise. When this economy collapses, as it surely will unless we change it's course, these mobs will be coming to your home. I'm not sure a thirty round clip will be sufficient, but it'll definitely thin out the herd. We're in big trouble.
It does show God has a sense of humor.
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In Praise of Walmart

wsimpson Wrote: Jan 25, 2013 9:15 AM
I appreciate the low prices at Wally World, but I also appreciate the fact that they employ many folks, that probably couldn't be employed elsewhere. I really think the company is a big asset to this country.
Unfortunately, the LIBs and these commentator's don't understand that we're not going to give up these weapons. And they won't be able to confiscate them.
Does anyone remember the flash mobs, I think that's what their called, dozens and dozens of young hooligans descending on a business and helping themselves to what ever they desired? When this economy collapses, and it will if our idiot congressmen and women don't get a handle on this spending and debt, these mobs will becoming to your house. And they won't be pilfering chips and tennis shoes. Will you feel comfortable with a seven round clip in your gun? Oh I know you can't get them all, but with the right weapons, you can certainly thin the herd a good bit.
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