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GOP Convention

WS2 Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 11:50 AM
It doesn't matter what the Republicans to to reach out to whatever group you want to discuss. Do you think the Democrats will ever stop saying that Republicans are anti- black, anti-gay, anti hispanic, anti woman, etc. Do you think the media will ever report a Republican position without looking throgh a leftist prism. The answer is a resounding NO! We have to be resigned to the facts that we have lost this battle and maybe the war. The balance has shifted to the lazy, the parasites, the leeches , the mooches and the entitled from the producers.Welcome to Amerika. Welcome to the new normal.
Science Avenger Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 3:41 PM
Of course they will, once you guys stop saying things that make it clear as day you ARE anti- black, anti-gay, anti hispanic, anti woman, etc. They haven't had to twist your words to make you appear that way, all they had to do is repeat them.
Any change requires pain. Whatever we are doing now is easy (we think) compared to change, whatever it may be. Changing is hard. It requires us to think anew, to change our habits, our processes, our language. It's venturing out into the unknown. Without a compelling reason, people will stay the same and not change.

People begin to change only when the pain of what they are doing becomes more painful than the pain of change.

Republicans -- it is time for change.

The election last week was painful -- at least for me, a lifetime conservative.