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The Risks of Retreat

WRH Bill Wrote: Mar 21, 2013 3:10 PM
Some people are smart enough to be aware of the concept of a "Pyrrhic victory"-- one where you technically "win" over the adversary, but lose in the fight more than you gain by winning it, and would have been better off not getting involved in the conflict in the first place.

WASHINGTON -- Declining national influence is a choice, and America seems to be making it.

What foreign policy practitioners politely call the "churn" of events is beginning to look more like chaos. Egypt teeters between the establishment of a democracy and the restoration of the caliphate. Syria melts away as an organized state and perhaps as a geographic fact. Iran is on the verge of building the Shiite bomb and igniting a sectarian nuclear arms race (and you thought a purely ideological nuclear arms race was scary). North Korea continues its bold experiment in proliferation and abnormal psychology.


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