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Why the War Party Fears Hagel

wpqr Wrote: Dec 28, 2012 10:26 AM
Iran has been fighting a low key war against the United States since 1979 when they took our embassy personnel hostage. They were complicit in the bombing of the marine barracks and embassy in Lebanon which killed over 300 Americans, the Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia which killed another 19 Americans, have been supplying weapons to insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan which have been used against American soldiers, have traded nuclear secrets with North Korea and have forged alliances with Al-Qaida when it has suited their interests.
In the fortnight since Chuck Hagel's name was floated for secretary of defense, we have witnessed Washington at its worst.

Who is Chuck Hagel?

Born in North Platte, Neb., he was a squad leader in Vietnam, twice wounded, who came home to work in Ronald Reagan's 1980 campaign, was twice elected U.S. senator, and is chairman of the Atlantic Council and co-chair of the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board.

To The Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol, however, Hagel is a man "out on the fringes," who has a decade-long record of "hostility to Israel" and is "pro-appeasement-of-Iran."