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“The proportion of men must be reduced to and maintained at approximately 10% of the human race.” Nine women for every man? Interesting.
If someone gave you a loaded gun and told you to put it to you head and pull the trigger, would you do it? That's exactly what you're asking the Israelis to do. Israel should retreat to indefensible borders, give up its nuclear deterrent, give up its military and let in millions of hostile Palestinians? You can't possibly be serious.
Just curious. How does a country go about "ceasing to exist"?
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Our World: The Bothersome, Annoying Truth

wpqr Wrote: Oct 17, 2013 10:07 AM
And what about the Europeans who invaded the western hemisphere 400 years ago and stole and entire continent away from its native inhabitants? Did you ever hear of My Lai, Wounded Knee, Sand Creek? What country was responsible for those massacres? And of course the Arabs have never committed and act of terror, have they? And what about the 800,000 Jews who were expelled from Arab-Islamic countries over a 25 year period, their homes and land confiscated by Arab governments (many of them settling in Israel). Care to comment on that? Finally, I don't recall anyone appointing you the arbiter over whose land it is. Wherever the Jews came from is a moot point. Israel has been in existence for over 65 years. That is the reality.
I wonder how these "medical ethicists" would go about killing the baby. Maybe chopping off its head with a meat cleaver would be the quickest way? Liberal compassion is getting to be an oxymoron.
And what about students who find abortion or same sex marriage "uncomfortable"? What would you say to them?
I'm not sure whether your comments are serious or meant as a joke. If serious, what you're suggesting would be a total disaster. "A multi-cultural, multi-religious state with third world immigration"? And what happens when Israeli Jews become a minority in their own country and an Islamist government comes to power? Care to speculate on that?
Maybe the university can explain why Resolution 194 was rejected by every Arab member of the U.N.?
Are you aware that in some Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Islam is a state religion? To convert to or proselytize another faith is a crime punishable by death. 20% of Israel's population in non-Jewish, mostly Arab-Muslim. The people they are deporting are those who are in the country illegally. (I think we do the same thing.)
Wrong, as usual. The entire West Bank, Gaza and a third of pre-1967 Israel were offered to the Palestinians for a state in 1947. If the Arabs had accepted the partition, there would have been no wars, no refugees and an independent Palestinian state. The exodus of Palestinians came after the Arabs rejected Palestinian statehood and launched a war of annihilation. Wars produce refugees (and in this case many Pals fled at the behest of their Arab neighbors). There were also a similar number of Jews who were expelled from Arab/Islamic countries. Most of them ended up in Israel. so why, after more than six decades are the Palestinians still "refugees"? Because it is exactly what the Arab world wants.
I agree. But she is probably the product of decades of state controlled Egyptian media. And this is a country that has a peace treaty with Israel and takes billions of dollars in U.S. aid.
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