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Romney: Let's Talk About Staples vs. Solyndra

wpeeters Wrote: Aug 04, 2012 5:40 AM
If only we could get this into the thick skulls of liberal voters who'll vote for the Oh I'm so Great One again. We have a saying in my former country: 'What good are a candle and glasses if the owl refuses to read. It rhymes in my native language. But it's true in any language. And in my former country the owl is not a symbol of wisdom but rather of stupidity. A really stupid person is called an owl chick.

This is the case Mitt Romney should be making every single day:

The Obama campaign pretends that they want to make Romney's record at Bain Capital an issue.  They don't.  They want to make their version of his record at Bain an issue.  Unfortunately for them, their version has been throughly discredited by fact-checkers.  The former CEO should welcome the opportunity to compare his record in venture capitalism (starting and saving businesses, creating tens...