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If Hollywood Liberals Want Tax Hikes, They Should Look In the Mirror

wpeeters Wrote: Feb 25, 2013 1:55 AM
I tried to watch the Oscars up until the point I realized I was watching a giant liberal "pat on the back" show. Or a rehash of the Democratic Convention. My absolute favorite Lincoln didn't get the wards it deserved and it is clear who is ruling Hollywood. This whole Oscars stuff is one big liberal joke. Glad I switched to basketball on ESPN so my evening wasn't a complete waste of time.
If you're settling in to watch the Oscars tonight and want to genuinely enjoy the experience, best not to think of the fact that those Hollywood celebrities do their best to suck the government of all the tax subsidies they can get while simultaneously advocating that taxes be raised - just, you know, not on the movie industry.

Peter Schweizer over at Forbes writes:

Consider a few of this year’s Oscar nominated films. According to a new report by the Government Accountability Institute, Quentin Tarantino’s controversial spaghetti Western, Django Unchained, featuring Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio has...