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Sorry Kraut, you're making way too much sense for the left wing loons to understand that. One actually needs brain cells to get that, pixel dust won't do. To prove it doesn't work around the WH all the governors of the states now being overwhelmed with those ILLEGALS because let's call a cat a cat, they are entering the US ILLEGALLY, should let the buses drop them off at 1600 Pennsylvania Av. and spread the message prior to arrival in DC that whoever can enter that big white house has free tacos and a nice warm bed to sleeping tonight. I'd like to see the WH staff and the Secret Service deal with that what they're now expecting from our border patrol agents. Isn't it only FAIR, isn't it Mr. president that each of us contributes equally? After all, you opened the gates of hell on this.
I just closed my msn account and when I watch this fear left liberal hack spouting his hatred again on MSNBC I know I made the right decision. Instead I signed up with and will let all my friends know I did. Why they still keep referring to this weasel as 'reverend' has been beyond me for years. "noun informal a member of the clergy" Didn't know a hate mongering group is part of the clergy. Same for his Pal Jesse.
Can't believe I'm saying this because I hate the cold weather but I can't wait for November. Many of these 'supporters will be out of a job by then, or at least I hope they will. No more Tom-foolery, the American public is fed up with your shenanigans. Time to sweep both Houses with the big broom. The white one and the one on the Hill.
Remember who you're talking about, the masters in make believe lists and polls, the master manipulators. If they say it's on a bestseller's list you can bet it's a masse up one and only put together to convince their ilk.
Ouch, this 's gotta hurt. Although, as wicked as she is I doubt she has the ability to feel pain like that, or humiliation. Still have it on my wish list with Amazon, guess it's time to order and start reading it.
Yeah, like he was going to say 'Guilty as charged your Honor, throw me in prison'. What a puppet show from a puppet regime. Wanna bet he is going to milk this 'victory on terrorism' ad nauseam? Again, what a waste of time and money. And how are they going to prove he was the one behind the attack? It took them how long to even apprehend him? All this so these crooked lawyers can fill their deep pockets with taxpayer money while the real terrorist state is being created in Iraq which will come back to haunt us big time. Sickening.
WOW, I am truly floored. After all the libtards and their irrational behavior in Hollywood I really was convinced Hollywood was lost for the sane and sensible people. But here comes a truly great patriot and changes my mind. What a class act. And not only that but the fact she did it with no cameras around to seek publicity for herself. Just a selfless act out of the kindness of her heart and probably love for her dad who served. Like I vowed to never again go see a movie with loons like Clooney I will go see any movie she is part of, just to show my support. Again, class act Ms Adams.
Libtards have no brain capacity to panic. They live in their own sick twisted world and continue to convince themselves all is well, even when the walls around them are caving in. Their only reaction to something like that is who can they blame?
I may be a conservative fool but I like what she said. It clearly shows she, like her boss the black Lenin are so totally out of touch with reality and most important the American people and how most of them are struggling thanks to their socialist policies and total neglect of what the citizens need. I can only hope that if she decides to run she will spit out more of these loony gaffs and that the American public will finally start paying attention instead of blindly following what she says. Her role in the Benghazi murder plot shows she too cannot handle a crisis when needed. And God forbid she finds a phone and a pen too because she is one of the most untrustworthy 'persons' on this planet and she happens to live in America. Keep it up HillEerie and hopefully you will tank your own campaign for the presidency. God and America know we don't need you to save America. So keep at it, keep running off your mouth with moronic ands clueless statements.
Only a libtard mind can come up with such ridiculous reasoning. I was sent a list of the $$$ billions we are wasting on these illegals, something like 338 billion dollars in handouts, education and welfare every year. Too crazy for words. We're allowing these loons to bankrupt America for the sake of those from the south whom all are given the idea this is paradise so long as you can set one foot across the border. So who's to blame for that but this clown in the WH and his cronies? Mexico is as guilty in this and I wonder what's in it for them. They claim they absolutely do not allow illegals to enter their country, yet as far as I can tell from looking at the map these hordes are crossing the whole of Mexico to get to our border. How so? Trust me, I was good in geography in school and Mexico is between them and us. So Mr. 'president' why don't you use that phone to call your buddy in Mexico and ask him what's up with that? And we know you're writing checks with that pen this country can't cash. How about we stop all financial aid to Mexico and to hell with that trade agreement with them. It's not that we gain with that or create more jobs because of it. From where I sit it's only costing us money we don't have. Aye Hombre!
Yeah, we've all witnessed what he does with his pen and phone, nothing but getting this country in more debt and trouble, His arrogance truly has no limits and it's highest time somebody puts an end to it. i mean, didn't he swore a solemn oath to uphold the laws of the land and the Constitution? Does that mean nothing anymore, swearing an oath on the Bible and then become rogue and thumb your nose at the people you swore to protect? Supreme Court, as the head of the judiciary system isn't it your job to enforce the law and punish or at least stop those who break it, even if it's the president. No American is above the law. Or that's what I was taught. To paraphrase O'Reilly where am I going wrong here?
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