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Al Gore: Al Jazeera "Tell It Like It Is," They're "Respected" -- Fox News Is "Propaganda"

wpeeters Wrote: Feb 02, 2013 3:06 AM
I'm just waiting for this moron to show up in full Arab gear, towel on head and all. Not hard to tell whom he's in bed with. What a fraud. He exemplifies the word hypocrite. They should revoke his US citizenship or deny him entrance into the US when he comes back from a trip to meet his buddies in Al Jazeerastan. He's a bigger threat than some people now on the "watch list", I am sure. Why do we allow people like that in?

Gore appeared on the Charlie Rose show last night, unfortunately the editors left the part where Gore rips Fox News as "propaganda" on the cutting room floor. I've watched Gore's appearance on the Charlie Rose show on my DVR and also on Charlie Rose's web site and the "propaganda" part is not there. The editors did leave in the part where Gore praises the Al Jazeera network--so I grabbed that. Having said that, someone who attended the live taping of the show recorded the "propaganda" part on their cell phone. The video is not stellar but the content is worth...