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Angle of Repose

wouid Wrote: Jan 10, 2013 7:24 PM
An eloquent and moving piece, but don’t be in a rush to leave us just yet. We’ve lost too many of our best columnist in recent years and there are only a scant few left. Where will we find a Jewish commentator with an unfailing ear for the Southern idiom? Or a writer of any stripe who can pen a scene like this without slipping into the mawkish? Plus who’s going to keep an eye on our current and former presidents who would lead us ever-slouching towards Gomorrah, Bethlehem, or wherever. Sorry, Paul; we can’t spare you just yet.

It is quiet out here today. It often is at the old graveyard. A soft wind plays over the monuments. Not a cloud in the sky this cold but bright weekday. No one else appears.

Now and then I see others here, the walkers and talkers. Like the man who stood quietly addressing a gravestone, but it wasn't the gravestone he was talking to. Maybe he was sharing the news of his day, or hearing the news of eternity. No one else is here just now, but the place is scarcely empty. It is full of presences. But...

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