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Steny Hoyer: We Have a "Paying-For" Problem, Not a Spending Problem

Worldsapart Wrote: Feb 12, 2013 6:20 PM
I think the Dems are right on this one. Now we just need to find someone with $17 Trillion. Maybe good ole Bill Gates will pony up the money. Or we could sell GE to the Chinese for $17 Trillion and be done with it.

Democrats want Americans to know that the federal government does not have a spending problem.  President Obama told John Boehner that our long-term fiscal woes can be chalked up to a "healthcare problem," Nancy Pelosi described the issue as a "budget deficit problem," (which is separate and distinct from a spending problem, evidently), and now the number two Democrat in the House is taking a crack at framing his party's fiscal denialism: