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Gang of 8 to Gang Up Against Amendments to Illegal Immigration Reform Bill

Worldsapart Wrote: Apr 12, 2013 6:21 AM
Smitty, Really? Have you seen your senators? But yeah, the AZ crowd are the crazies. No thanks to you poor dewche California surfer dudes who couldn't afford your rent/mortgages my state is now full of idiots from Cali. So thanks for that, I'm actually blaming your Cali ilk for re-electing McCain. All the real Arizonans voted for Hayworth. And when you say negotiate a peace with Mexico, you're referring to LA I'm assuming. So yeah, there's that. Oh, and I heard all you hippies still hate fracking, nice work. Maybe you can sell some of those condors to get you out of debt. Sorry about this being so mean, it's late and I just lost at Call of Duty, I'm in a pissy mood. ;P

For about a week now we've been hearing that the Gang of 8 isn't interested in allowing amendments to be added to its new illegal immigration reform overhaul. A piece in POLITICO further points to this being true. As a reminder, the Gang of 8 bill was crafted behind closed doors. 

After being locked out of the process for so long, Democratic and Republican senators are anxious to get a crack at amending the bill, setting up a treacherous path through the Judiciary Committee to the Senate floor that threatens to undermine the delicate compromise.