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I love you chunky. Great response.
Brilliant. I'd trade cowboy poetry for a pipeline. Good call chunky.
Remind me again what Jesus saved us from. Or why do I need a savior?
"Religious freedom does not evaporate in the walls of a prison." It does however evaporate in the walls of a school.
I'll do it. I'll need a few million for my campaign from you guys though. We tried last time but idiots believed the AZ Republic puke bs about JD.
Do you think we could trade these Islamists some Land for Peace? I'm thinking they can have DC, NYC, San Fran, Chicago, Detroit, and LA. It'd almost be a win win.
"That is the greatest irony: Our society might underpay women (they don't) but if there is one thing that is in danger it's boys, who society says are destructive beasts well on their way to becoming -- egad! -- MEN!" The real irony is that as we neglect raising boys into men, they will turn into beasts that sell girls in Mosul for $20 each. What happens when you don't raise boys properly is you get ISIS. And they sure as hell don't care about a pay gap.
Oh, so this is why I never answer the phone when the alumni association calls me.
No Shieldwolf, Entrapment is what they've done to us. You pay your taxes right? Right? Well, then you have aided and abetted terrorists in Syria, and Benghazi, and who knows where else. ;)
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