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Maher used to be funny. He still is funny half the time but he is wrong about Christianity and conservatives for the most part.
togubin- actually, the bible is remarkably consistent considering it is a set of books written over hundreds of years by many different writers.
Without the Holy Spirit, no one will understand the bible and Jesus' teachings.
Yes, God has hard rules. He also took care of the problem for us with His own blood. When will O'Donnell talk about THAT?
Wow- O'Donnell's on to something! Tell us, Lawrence, what ELSE did the bible get wrong? Let's see, according to the thinking of O'Donnell, murder, rape, lying, stealing, adultery, drunkeness, and false prophesying must ALL be OKAY! They're IN the bible and the bible is WRONG. Oh wait, once again, only anal sex is misunderstood by God and Man in the bible. Yawn.
O'Donnell, an Irishman, claims to never have taken a drink. He must have made up for it in other ways.
Does O'Donnell have a point? Or is he being selective to show that ALL Christians believe and act as O'Donnell claims they do? This is the boring old misinformed argument that atheists always use. They don't know what they're talking about. It takes Faith to believe what's in the bible. You either have it or you don't. Faith, by definition, doesn't have to be proved.
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