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Lois - my paycheck went down due to new taxes. Am I super rich and don't know it yet?
For those on the Left - if there is a Federal Corporate Tax but Giant Corps don't pay them - does it still make a sound? As for the Flu - not Obama's fault but the lack of vaccine and the wherewithal to give shots to all those who need it is a preview of what's to come with NATIONALIZED SOCIALIZED HEALTHCARE. thanks do-gooders.
Fairtax.org Of course, people like Hugh Hewitt pooh pooh the idea...
Don't worry - not very many people are watching. If TH didn't keep bringing these losers up - we would never hear about them.
I've been waiting for someone (besides me) ask why it's okay for kids to be killed at the rate of one per week as opposed to 52 at a time. Hypocrites.
Way to go Shapiro! I have a question for Piers and all the Socialist Commie Tyrant Wannabes: "Why do YOU need to have so much freedom to talk about what YOU like?" It's a stupid question about guns - the answer is "Because I WANT one." or "It's none of your business." Shapiro nailed Piers good about standing on the dead children's graves.
Gee- no corporate tax, no income tax - add a sales tax. Now WHERE have I heard that before?
Then you should have no trouble migrating there. You want a shiity country - there are plenty ready made for you already. No need to ruin this one.
I don't want to be part of a country that has a scumbag like McAuliffe as Governor of a Southern State. Disband the Union.
We also had Bush, Rumsfeld, Rice, and Cheney. - Very dangerously stupid.
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