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I remember the cooling cycle we were in during the 70's. The fear was we were going into a mini ice age. The scientists were wrong then. A few more colder than "normal" winters and they'll be looking for something different to tax.
The unemployment rate doesn't reflect the mood of the people. Really, people who live in the real world know how this economy has affected them regardless of what the government says. We've had recessions before but this one is lingering 5 years after it was declared over.. This policies of this administration only serve to prolong the misery Obama has inflicted on the country. The cost of food, energy and for many healthcare have gone up. Less disposable income will not keep America employed.
Except the choice to abort a "mistake"
He's more than happy to give women the choice to terminate the life of the unborn but doesn't want women to have the choice to stay home and raise their children?
He's too busy hiding under his desk
Pepople in the real world know how Obamacare is affecting them regardless of what the administration says. The 7% might have insurance now but will they get health CARE. Maybe Medicaid has expanded but finding the doctors to take more Medicaid patients might be difficult.
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DWS: Dems Will Hold the Senate

worker Wrote: Oct 19, 2014 5:59 PM
She fails to realize that the vast majority believe that Obama is taking the counry in the wrong direction. Obama and his policies ARE on the ballot.
Does he think he can pick winners and losers in health issues too. If your a winner you get to come for treatment, otherwise your a loser and will probably die.
Obama KNEW he had god (small g) given talents and knows exactly how smart he (thinks) he is. . . . . . an extraodinary, uncanny ability. . . . The problem with that is only a few people believe it, Liberaism is a mental disorder, and his uncanny ability is to screw up verything.
Amen to that but it means nothing to the party that boo'd God
Caller ID, I don't answe the phone
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