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Still making excuses when the only reason they lost so badly is people are sick of the liberal/progressive/communist polcies, controlling and victimization that this administration has thrust upon the citizens.
Sorry to say but Gruber was right. The low information voter, those that don't care and the gullible with no common sense ARE stupid. Everyone else could see the disaster Obamacare was going to be and sounded the alarm, but the gullible didn't listen and now they are apying the price. I am rather amused by the revelations of the political elite. Maybe the stupid people will become less stupid in 2016.
On this issue could we have enough to override a veto? Democrats have to be rethinking their stance on some of these issues.
This should be played over and over during the run up to the 2016 elections. Then we'll see how many stupid people we still have in this country.
Dr Carson is great. He seems honest and trustworthy. We may have a few good conservatives in the running. I hope that we don't have a primary season like the last one where they were snipping at each other and made all of them look bad. We need one good strong candidate
Was it Kerry or Biden that said we were being fried like eggs in a frying pan? Oops, somebody turned off the gas. (Pun intended)
I remember the cooling cycle we were in during the 70's. The fear was we were going into a mini ice age. The scientists were wrong then. A few more colder than "normal" winters and they'll be looking for something different to tax.
The unemployment rate doesn't reflect the mood of the people. Really, people who live in the real world know how this economy has affected them regardless of what the government says. We've had recessions before but this one is lingering 5 years after it was declared over.. This policies of this administration only serve to prolong the misery Obama has inflicted on the country. The cost of food, energy and for many healthcare have gone up. Less disposable income will not keep America employed.
Except the choice to abort a "mistake"
He's more than happy to give women the choice to terminate the life of the unborn but doesn't want women to have the choice to stay home and raise their children?
He's too busy hiding under his desk
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