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M.A.S.H. Star Partners with Castro's Spy Agency

Work2SnowSki Wrote: Jul 13, 2012 10:29 AM
Farrell is such a Liberal trollop because his only source of money is from reruns if he doesn't sell his az to the commies.
Kepha Wrote: Jul 13, 2012 2:15 PM
Feral isn't a liberal. He's a Marxist-Leninist, and the latter is a reaction against belief in liberty as the highest political good.

Though a consistently good show, few conservatives mistook M.A.S.H for anything but pinko propaganda. Last week long-time M.A.S.H star Mike Farrell (Capt. B.J. Hunnicut) took the last few baby-steps and started spouting outright Communist propaganda.

In a letter to President Obama, Farrell officially partners with Castro’s KGB-trained DGI urging the release of five of their agents and officers who were convicted in 2001 of conspiracy to commit espionage against the U.S. and conspiracy to murder Americans. The Supreme Court has twice upheld the convictions of these Communist terrorists and accessories to murder. In 1933, Stalin’s propaganda chief, Willi Munzenberg, re-monikered the...