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What's Next for Ben Carson?

wordsPerMinute Wrote: Mar 01, 2013 11:46 PM
The Democrats are just shocked to the hilt that a black man has an opinion other than what they want him to have. He's a 'slave' that is getting out of line in the Democrat Farm and will be whipped with words and scorn. As I write this every conceivable Leftie has been googling his name to turn up dirt. I'd be willing to wager that unscrupulous financial personnel have been invading his private financial records to scoop up something they can be paid for. Even his SS # has been shared to insider investigators campaigning for Obama.
...and another point- I will bet you my life savings this will never happen to an Islamic group. Why? Because administrators and other wonks are terrified by them. Hence terrorism.
Come to Southeastern University in Lakeland! They love bible studies. www. In that way you can prepare to minister to the dross and the fallout from our public/ secular private universities. They are going to need it someday. My daughter graduated from there last spring and is now teaching in a public school. During the week she helps the homeless of Lakeland; something a frat house would never in a million years do.
Here is what I'm going to believe about Argo and I haven't even seen it yet. Whatever there is in Argo that is negative about Iran is 100% correct. Whatever is positive about Iran in Argo is 100% propaganda. I probably speak for a lot of people. If Iran gave us 100 million barrels of crude oil for free I might change my opinion 1%. And if they said "We're sorry for being the amoral hypocritical idiots that we are." I give them another 2%. Other than that they can bend over and kiss their collective dunce caps from the other side.
John thank you thank you thank you! I am so glad someone finally listed the horrible history of the Democrat Party. It just astonishes me that a majority of black Americans WANT to be aligned with that party after all its done over the decades. I'm going to post this on facebook and send a link out in other ways.
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Boom: "The Obama Sequester"

wordsPerMinute Wrote: Feb 21, 2013 10:44 AM
Obama is the shallowest little boy to ever occupy the Whitehouse. He's not a man he's a spoiled brat that throws fits and smarts off to the 49% that didn't vote for him. He needs to be taken to the woodshed. My dad always taught me to listen to the ideas of others and consider them as important as yourself. But this administration does not. It strives to make the Republicans irrelevant. And that is tyranny.
I wholeheartedly agree. I don't know how the info was dispensed b/c social networking is just too public. Not surprised by it at all because moral relativism is the mode of operation for that whole party.
What did I tell you! The margin of victory would shrink pretty fast if all was really known. It might even show that McCain had a thin lead.
Finally a mark on his armor that everyone can agree is a chink. So while his wheels turned trying to figure out how to keep this from damaging him politically American's died . A selfish act of executive power that is unAmerican. Why its as if...its almost as if he wanted this to happen. Stratagem #2 "Kill with a borrowed knife."
Run Jesse Run! Yo daddy passed on the family values.
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