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Last Chance For America to Decide About Healthcare

wordscanhurt Wrote: Nov 06, 2012 8:21 PM
Iraq war ends with a $4 trillion IOU-Veterans’ health care costs to rise sharply over the next 40 years The nine-year-old Iraq war came to an official end late 2011, but paying for it will continue for decades until U.S. taxpayers have shelled out an estimated $4 trillion.

On Tuesday, Americans will have one last opportunity to reject Obamacare. Only with a Romney/Ryan victory can this happen. Another term for President Obama propels us further along a treacherous path that seals our healthcare future. We are on a course which gaurantees a larger government role in our healthcare decisions. Instead of a future of limitless innovation and other possibilities that we can only imagine, we face the prospect of mediocrity that we have come to expect from the central planners in Washington.

Americans have grown weary of hearing about the healthcare law. The focus of this campaign has been on economic issues and job creation. Many feel that the healthcare battle has...

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