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Unions Tell Taxpayers: “We have no confidence in you.”

Words Wrote: Sep 22, 2012 3:18 PM
I was kicked off the CNN website. They censored and didn't post my comments defending Sarah Palin. I even described a factual error in their reporting, which was never corrected. Every horrible comment about her was posted. I was kicked off after comparing the prophesies of global warming, the Mayan Calendar, and the pastor who was predicting the end of the world. Global warming is a sacred cow.

All over the country, union leaders are demanding that communities cough up extra cash to help “make teachers whole.” And unions around the country are testing the waters with teachers by asking teachers in budget stricken districts to vote “no confidence” in the community to send a message to taxpayers to cough up cash or else.

The “or else?”


Never mind making communities whole; those communities can never be whole under Obama.

As cash-strapped municipalities deal with declining tax revenues and too-rosy assumptions made by administrators and union officials, teachers unions are stamping their feet, holding their breath and...