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The Age of Mediocrity

Words Wrote: Jun 10, 2012 7:45 AM
If everyone is truly equal in all things, everyone should win the same award. The problem with total equality is that it doesn't exist in nature. Everyone is given the same opportunity to run in the Olympics, but only the fastest are going to make it there. My kids had student award ceremonies in school (the parents were invited only if their child was getting a high award). I was not impressed. There were awards for math, science, athletics, music, and art -- which were all well deserved. Then they awarded what they described as the HIGHEST award of ALL -- for school spirit. It was something like 17 girls and 3 boys. The school spirit awards were distributed in a more culturally diverse distribution pattern.
"The characteristic note of our time is the dire truth that the mediocre soul, the commonplace mind, knowing itself to be mediocre, has the gall to assert its right to mediocrity, and goes on to impose itself where it can."

--José Ortega y Gasset

The Revolt of the Masses

Chapter 1, The Crowd Phenomenon

Future historians will surely call ours the Age of Mediocrity. That is, if they can recognize what mediocrity is by then, having been immersed in it so long they take it for excellence. Watching the president of the United...
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