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Teacher Filmed Blowing Up a Condom Like a Balloon in Health Class

Words Wrote: Oct 27, 2012 11:56 AM
I attended a s3x ed presentation at our junior high, step up for the parents, so they could hear what will be taught and decide for themselves if they want their child attending the presentation. A permission slip is sent home to allow students to attend the presentation, and parents have control to opt out. Contraception was never addressed. Abstinence was the only thing mentioned, which is appropriate since 11-13 year olds are too young to legally consent. It was mostly about menstruation, male development, reproduction, and hygiene. I didn't find any of it to be inappropriate. The teachers didn't have a condom inflating clown-like side show going on at the same time.

Students who appear to be middle schoolers witnessed a teacher blowing up a condom like a balloon as a part of a sex ed lesson in a health class somewhere, quite possibly in Canada.

A video of the incident was posted on YouTube by a user October 21, 2012. The user listed her country as Canada but offered no hometown, and no clue about the identity of the school where this took place.


But it’s an odd occurrence, to say the least. At the risk of sounding like prudes, we have to ask if it’s appropriate...