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Eliminate the TSA

Words Wrote: Oct 22, 2012 9:01 AM
I'm sure they needed to check her throughly as blonde caucasian females are responsible for most of the terrorism in the world. There is a profile of who is likely to take down a plane, but that real crime data is being ignored, as not to discriminate. Instead of abusing only a small segment of the population, they choose to randomly abuse the entire population. If these searches are deemed acceptable for the masses, what is wrong with doing them only to those who meet the profile?

I’m reading the Constitution and I do not see a “Grope or Scan” clause. The TSA is unconstitutional. Let’s eliminate the TSA.

If you read my columns regularly, you know that I consider the TSA to be a carcinogenic petting zoo. I nearly always opt out. I object to the scanners on principle of their unconstitutionality. And I am concerned about the possibility of a scanner malfunction (thousands of service calls have been made to the backscatter X-ray machines)—which medical experts warn can result in extremely high radiation exposure.

Last week, I was traveling to New Jersey to speak at...