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Today's workers? You mean the 3 people (one of whom is a minority) who are supporting one person receiving benefits? Thousands of factories have moved out of the U.S. Who is going to support all these people with their tax dollars? The guy working at Walmart? His taxes are going to support all these people? Don't make me laugh so hard in the morning.
Listen or read what David Walker, the former Comptroller General of the U.S. (head accountant) and head of the Government Accountability Office had to say about how much money is in those SS and Medicare "accounts." He said we are going to fall like Rome.
What's with the title of this article? It sounds like the parents are there assisting in the procedure.
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The American Welfare State

Words Wrote: Dec 08, 2012 10:21 AM
The standard of living in this country is going to drop. There would be an uproar if it happened in a rapid manner. But if you feed the middle class, and ease some of the pain, it's easier to pull off. Instead of having a factory job, which is high paying, the workers can transfer to Walmart, etc. The deindustrialization of American must go on. We are going global. Look at the foreign students filling our Universities. They are being trained for our jobs which have moved to other countries. There are whole bunch of people who should be charged with Treason.
"Students who are in the process of learning English deserve access to their school’s curriculum with support in their native language." I don't know why they don't write "Spanish language," because that's what they really mean. Our public school has students from all over the world. On culture day 47 different countries were represented. I don't know how many languages were represented, but I have to imagine that support in all those languages would be difficult if not impossible. Not to mention most of the students from the other countries learn English very quickly. It appears many of the public schools don't want the Spanish speaking students to master English. They are being treated in a different "special" manner.
This is why once people start taking the assistance, many of them can't stop. They can't find a job that will pay them that much money and benefits. My neighbor's brother has been on welfare due to depression his entire adult life. I don't know that he ever had a job. He started feeling better, and thought about getting a job, and was discouraged from doing so by his entire family. They were concerned that he couldn't get the benefits back again if things didn't work out. He's forever trapped. He willingly climbed into a "cage" and has little hope of escaping. He will never be successful, because he has no incentive to even try.
It's the $61,000 (approximate) a year per household living in poverty divided by the days of the year. Look up the $61,000 being spent per household living in poverty. It's all over the internet.
Keep in mind that the international definition of poverty is living on less than $2/day.
I've been saying this for years. The "low income housing" in our city is in expensive apartments. Then add free food, free healthcare, free education, and all the donations from the community to help the "poor" and you have the poor better off than a lot of the middle class. Financially they appear to be living similar to their neighbors who are paying their own bills. Yet, the crime coming out of the low income housing is significantly higher than average. I don't know how it can be blamed on "poverty." They aren't living in poverty.
O's mother is a US citizen, so regardless of where he was born he would also be a citizen. His dad was not a citizen of the US when O was born. So technically, depending on the laws in Kenya, O may also be a citizen of Kenya. Did he give up his foreign citizenship? Can someone with a dual citizenship run for POTUS?
I don't think a woman can win in this country. She was viciously attacked by the media when she ran last time. The most powerful women in the world are running other countries. Look at the government. Despite our government telling corporations they need more females, they aren't practicing what they're preaching.
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