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The increasingly accurate perception is that Obama is a narcissist who has felt entitled his entire adult life. During the 2008 campaign we saw that he doesn't have supporters, he has followers. Children sang songs about him, Hollywood celebrities swore allegiance to him, and he was awarded the Nobel prize for what he might do in the future. All of this supports his view of himself. When he took office, he immediately dismissed Republicans as irrelevant to achieving his goals. The realities of Washington politics irritate him, because why should he have to compromise? The 2014 elections were a personal affront, as Democrats shunned him and the American voters rejected his policies. Now he has the Executive Order and government agencies at his disposal, to execute his agenda with the imperial power he has always thought was his. Hopefully future Americans will look back on Barack Obama not as a "nice guy," but as a petulant spoiled child who used divisive politics to further his personal agenda, and who assaulted the constitution to feed his ego.
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Voter ID Myth Crashes

wordkyle Wrote: Oct 28, 2014 8:23 AM
It's the ratchet effect. Democrats advance their agenda when in power. When Republicans take charge, instead of reversing what's been done (much less advance a Conservative agenda) they simply slow it. The Democrat changes have been institutionalized, waiting for the next Democrat takeover.
That Liberals imply that equivalence exists between what ISIS/ISIL is doing and what Phil Robertson said -- even for their political parlor games -- shows the depths of their sociopathy. Liberals have reached the point where they literally no longer experience shame. American Liberalism isn't a political philosophy any more, it's a disorder. If ever there was an argument against compromise, but instead fighting to soundly defeat them at every opportunity, this is it.
Also please note that Obamacare was sold to Americans based on lies, deception, and secrecy. Millions of people can NOT "keep their insurance plan" and can NOT "keep their doctor." Also please note that your claim that Obamacare has reduced health costs calls for you to cite your source, as millions have seen premiums go up, with more increases just announced. Also please note that the purpose of this column was to illustrate the lies being told by the Obama administration regarding the Halbig lawsuit. Video evidence is usually convincing, unless one is completely blinded by partisanship.
The Gruber exposure is not surprising, nor is his reaction to getting caught. These people, these "public servants," have lied, been caught lying, and carried on as though nothing happened, again and again. The astonishing arrogance of such people is breathtaking. These are clearly individuals who have lost connection with ordinary citizens, among whom lying is bad and getting caught lying calls for contrition and apology. Ordinary people certainly don't entrust proven liars with more money or responsibility.
The recent spate of court rulings against the Obama administration show that American justice, while moving excruciatingly slowly, is still possible. If the courts continue to do their job, the Obama administration may likely be considered by future historians as the most corrupt since Warren G. Harding.
The fundamental flaw with Tanner's argument - he poses Tea Partiers as "anti immigration" when they in fact oppose *illegal* immigration. A significant point that he misrepresents, one can suppose, on purpose.
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Hillary’s Book Tour From Hell

wordkyle Wrote: Jun 15, 2014 7:10 AM
"Let's hope the American people are not that dumb." That's the funniest thing I've read in a long time.
It's notable that pundits call attention to how the Republican establishment, with control of the machinery and essentially unlimited resources, is winning "most" of its races this year...against a Tea Party movement that's barely four years old. It's like saying an NFL team is winning "most" of its games against a high school.
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Libertarians Versus Conservatives

wordkyle Wrote: Jun 11, 2014 1:14 PM
You're referring to "our trade with China" as it applies *now*. Haven't we already seen how Putin treats Europe? If they don't do what he wants diplomatically, he starts threatening their oil supply. Expand that to a future where Russia and/or China control the trade shipping lanes and also the trade policies of a number of the other countries that we trade with. Do you doubt that if in such a case the U.S. displeased them that they would use strong arm trading techniques? As I said initially, Liberals and Libertarians seem to agree that other countries will play nice if we don't provoke them. That ignores reality.
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