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Obama Publicly Insults Christians

Woof Woof Wrote: Feb 10, 2015 8:47 AM
Obama insulted Jesus/God. When you insult a true follower believer, God considers you a child of his. Mr. Obama insulted the God of Christians and he will pay for his loose words.
Michael Moore is mentally disturbed. His thinking is to tear down people which in his mind builds him up to be better than who he is tearing down. Perfect patient to see a psychiatrist.
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Are We At War With Radical Islam?

Woof Woof Wrote: Jan 30, 2015 8:38 AM
At war with them when Obama is sending the Muslim countries money?
If this passes the House, Boehner can invite Obama for a beer summit and as their guests they can invite McConnell, McCain, Graham and every other RINO Republican to make sure the Senate passes it. Does Boehner have money in this bill for Beer Summits with Obama?
Sarah Palin was called the looney when she warned about death panels. How she was mocked and laughed at for believing and preaching this fact.
We all know whose door step this knowledge can be laid at. Breaking almost every law that this country has enacted and protected for years, the Kenyan has invited every criminal element into this country which includes radical or moderate Muslims. He can run up and down Airforce I steps with his shi**y grin waving but the people aren't buying into this phony anymore.
Obama and so called Obamacare Architect were in constant touch to come up with the bill. Obama probably was calling the voters the same as Guber. Two Gubers agreeing.
Osteen preaches what you want to hear all good news. He is a false prophet and does not teach his congregation or people how to get to heaven. He is in it for money.
President Bush never badmouthed people or blame anyone for his decisions. Obama has made nothing but bad decisions and then when things go south, he blames other people or President Bush.
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The Knives Come Out -- for Christie

Woof Woof Wrote: Nov 08, 2013 8:49 AM
Will watch Pat and Rove holding hands as they waltz around promoting their eastern liberal candidates. Am not buying their choices - will stay home in 2014.
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