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From Affirmative Action to Diversity

woofpacker75 Wrote: Mar 14, 2013 3:43 PM
Bless you Victor Davis Hanson!!! I have despised this "affirmative action" claptrap for many years (since the Bakke case- remember THAT??) but without having the logical and historical underpinnings that you have presented here. Excellent article! Now, could we please REMOVE those "check boxes" from every application form for anything?? Colleges, jobs, mortgages, credit cards, car loans, country club memberships, Obamacare, yada yada yada... ad nauseum.

Sometime in the new millennium, "global warming" evolved into "climate change." Amid growing controversies over the planet's past temperatures, Al Gore and other activists understood that human-induced "climate change" could better explain almost any weather extremity -- droughts or floods, too much heat or cold, hurricanes and tornadoes.

Similar verbal gymnastics have gradually turned "affirmative action" into "diversity" -- a word ambiguous enough to avoid the innate contradictions of a liberal society affirming illiberal racial preferencing.

In an increasingly multiracial society, it has grown hard to determine the racial ancestry of millions of minorities. Is someone who is ostensibly one-half Native...