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Burn 'em!!! Burn every d@mn one of 'em involved in this idiotic, irresponsible, travesty and cover-up!!!!! ACTIVE JAIL TIME IS NOT ENOUGH!!! But it'll have to do.
The ONE THING this position needed (assuming this position IS needed) was someone of impeccable trustworthiness. A real Boy Scout (no, not a perverted one) with appropriate professional credentials. Ebola is a HUGE public confidence problem, now that we've been lied to by arrogant braggarts who were proven WRONG... immediately. But all we got was a dim-witted, ideological, hack. Gee, I feel better already, don't YOU?
I'm shocked! Shocked! To learn the mainstream media LIE as much as Congressional Democrats and their Weasel President. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Landrieu the architect of the "Louisiana Purchase" vote-buying scam that allowed Obwama to get ObamaCare passed?
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IRS Still Not Getting the Message

woofpacker75 Wrote: Oct 19, 2014 11:17 AM
No matter. If everyone reading this column - and their congressional representatives and Presidential choice - supports and votes for the FairTax, these IRS morons will be GONE GONE GONE in 2017. Make it so. Do you REALLY need me to explain it to ya? Look up "Lois Lerner".
What is it these gubmnt weasels do not get? THERE ARE NO ASTERISKS IN THE 4TH AMENDMENT. I don't want my phone calls or emails recorded "just in case", I do not want to be stopped by a cop on a city street "in case I've been drinking", and I don't want to be stopped on the lake by a state wildlife officer "in case I've forgotten my life jackets, throw cushions and fire extinguisher." No matter what SCOTUS thinks, this is ALL contrary to the intent of the Framers in the 4th Amendment. A Congress with cojones (2017?) would FIX THIS C R A P.
Unbelievable! This Obwama fool has NEVER run an organization of ANY kind... AND IT SHOWS HERE IN SPADES!!! What an "org chart" this administration must have! No wonder they are ALL so completely confused about EVERY scandal EVERY WEEK!!!! sigh.
God's-honest-truth: This Obozo woman would be less damaging to the country if she just STAYED on the BEACH in Hawaii. Please!
When your arguments cannot win with the TRUTH... ...just LIE!!! It's the Democrat Way.
GOOD for you COLORADO!!! Fewer Unions = Better Education Time to kill all government unions and repeal the Wagner Act. LOOK IT UP!!!
Honestly- I don't get it. Who, exactly, is she trying to win? The disabled vote? Hmmm. Probably Wendy would be as lousy as a leader as she is a politician. And that's pretty lousy!
Welcome to the party, WAPO FOOLS!! What, did you think we conservatives were making up this S H I T all along?? REALLY???
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