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This is just like Michael Brown's death: But for the kid's arrogant and stupid actions, he would be alive today. Next time, STAY HOME AND WATCH TV. No, wait- there IS NO next time for this kid OR Michael Brown.
Decent blacks need to grab hold of the Useless Ni66ers and yank a knot in them. Yes, there is a difference between the two. As long as blacks continue using the N-word, they should USE IT CORRECTLY. Decent blacks -> Ben Carson. Useless Ni66ers -> Michael Brown. We all know the difference, too, but apparently they do not want our help. We just get called racist & bigots for our trouble. So the decent black folks should "divide and conquer" as Obama has tried to with everyone else. Put the Useless Ni66ers in their place- get them jailed whenever needed, force some education down their throats, make their lives miserable until they straighten out. "Playing nice" with them will NOT work.
All of this is like watching a slow-moving train wreck. Since that's the case (it's CLIMATE not WEATHER) let's STOP spending even one thin dime on government-sponsored research for at least a decade. Just just keep collecting data, nothing more. Or maybe if the current global temp stasis lasts 20 years (18 at the moment) then we could wait ANOTHER 20 years and THEN take stock of where we are. All this dithering is not doing anyone any good- except, of course, the "scientists" who make their living from FedGov-funded "climate research".
Here's the real problem, chrisr: you and your Prog-ilk have lied so many times on so many different topics that it's a total waste of time to accept anything you have to say as truthful. Sorry. If you REALLY had some solid science of sufficient truth and merit to show, all the Progs would be trumpeting it to the world in a form that other scientists (oh, say some skeptics) could reproduce from your data, algorithms, and hypotheses. I'm not holding my breath.
Go ahead! SIGN THEM UP!!! Then, when WE are in charge in 2017, we'll know where to go and who to detain when the deportation trains are ready for loading. Thanks, Barack. Great plan.
Excellent observations, Michael. Immigration went to hell in a handbasket when we stopped looking for the "best and brightest" and instead invited pickers, roofers, and floor sweepers. We will ALWAYS have poor, uneducated, unmotivated natural born citizens. We should reserve the low-end jobs for THEM, and bring in the best and brightest for advancing the upper reaches of our economy and our global competitiveness- especially if we just finished educating the best and brightest folks over here.
Hmmm... 1,200 trains heading south x 100 boxcars per train x 100 illegals per boxcar = 12 million illegals sent HOME Should be do-able in about 6 months if we put our backs to it.
Just WATCH!!! This is gonna be a BLOODBATH of epic proportions. Why on god's green earth would ANY Dem want to burn the gas to drive to the polls, when the real damage has already been done to their Senate majority??? My money is on at least a 65-35 split, maybe more.
You s'pose Gruber is getting 24x7 Secret Service protection now? Bet not. Dems don't WANT him around when the congressional hearing SH!T hits the FAN.
Just another kind of "do as I say, not as I do" Democrats. And yep, Jonathan Gruber was about HALF right- the Obummer voters really are stupid.
KURT!! You are SOOO RIGHT!!! Look, after 6 years of Democrapic "leadership" they had NOTHING to brag about during their campaigns that they had DONE for the BENEFIT of average Americans!!! So, let's keep JOBS and the ECONOMY and all their Democrat scandals, and the slow death of ObamaCare - bill after bill after bill to fix that mess - to keep REALITY in front of the voters, and OBSTRUCTIONIST DEMOCRATS will look bad by every comparison. Then, with a Republican Congress and White House in 2017, we can drive a silver stake thru the barely-beating heart of ObamaCare (and start over), plus kill the EPA, the IRS, the Dept of Energy, Dept of Education, Fannie, Freddie, USDA, GSA, DOT, DHS (top level), the NSA, TSA, FEMA, and drive out every illegal immigrant who does NOT get out of the US by himself by January 20th, 2017. The watchwords of the next (Republican!) administration should be "Is that legislation allowed by Article 1 Section 8 of the US Constitution?" If not, DUMP IT.
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