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That teacher needs a good punch in the mouth by a dozen or so angry parents. This c r a p must STOP!!! Besides, O'Bummer is MUCH more similar to Hitler than W could possibly be.
Maybe the contractors who show up just need a good, ol'-fashioned a$$-kickin' by the "locals". In essence "find work elsewhere". That would bring the whole disgraceful mess to an end- QUICK.
And to think, some of the folks on this thread STILL do not understand the importance, necessity, and benefits of the FairTax. GET WITH IT!!!! Please!!! You'll have to vote for congressional candidates who DO support it.
Mr. Koskinen, there is a special place in H3LL for lying, cheating weasels like you and Lois Lerner, and it's in Butner, NC, RIGHT NEXT TO BERNIE MADOFF. With any luck, Our Man Trey Gowdy will send BOTH of you LIARS to spend hard time with ol' Bernie. Enjoy watching the grass grow!
And look at it this way: your low-info friend is WAY better informed than the dim-bulbs that Bill O'Reilly shows on Watters' World interviews with millennials. Sad. SCARY.
I guess lots of us on this thread are hoping the "entitled" folks are too sorry to get up off the couch and vote on Nov 4th. They could kill all our dreams of controlling the next Congress.
Well, 1894 would be much, MUCH better than 1984... where the Democrats are trying to keep us in blissful, socialist ignorance. Big Brother (excuse me, "Big Brutha") and all that. Yes, Paul, 1894 would be MUCH better. Folks realized they WORKED or they STARVED. We've lost that among lots of able-bodied slackers who feel they are "entitled", thanks to Democrat vote-buying policies of the last 50 years. Time to get back to Constitutional government: Nothing but powers defined by Article 1 Section 8 should be supported by FedGov. Everything else should be repealed, defunded, and CLOSED, or sold to the States or private bidders. Yep, that includes Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and for D@MN-SURE, ObamaCare. These bigger programs should have a transition period, so those of us who have FUNDED them for 40 years don't get SCREWED.
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Speed Kills Racial Profiling Study

woofpacker75 Wrote: Sep 05, 2014 8:31 AM
Sounds just like the lefties' gun control arguments. STATISTICS BE DAMNED! CONFISCATE ALL GUNS FROM LEGAL GUN OWNERS AND THESE TERRIBLE SHOOTINGS WILL STOP!! OK, except in Chicago, Detroit, NYC, East LA, yada yada yada... If it doesn't fit the narrative, use your buddies in the Press to LIE for you.
These democrat weasels are 100% opportunists. When it suits them, they are virulent, anti-war peaceniks. Other times, when it's politically expedient, they are strident warmongers. It just gets worse when a billionaire like Tom Steyer dangles $100 million in campaign donations under their noses to help them "see the light" as he sees it. Is it any wonder O'Bummer and the congressional Dems are a rudderless disaster?
What total BALONEY. This O'Bummer weasel has LIED so many times, WHY SHOULD ANYONE TRUST WHAT HE SAYS EVER AGAIN??!? As any trial lawyer would ask "Since you were LYING then, how do we know you aren't LYING NOW?" Cameron or anyone else would be well-advised to tell O'Bummer "put up or shut up". In this country, members of his OWN PARTY would be well-advised to do the same.
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Green Markets

woofpacker75 Wrote: Sep 03, 2014 8:34 AM
Good article, John. I've said the same thing for years- we don't need no stinkin' EPA as long as we have private property and courts. And isn't this another reason to take BACK property currently owned by FedGov into private or at least state ownership? If nothing else, the whole country now enjoys the benefits of clean air and water. There would NEVER be another "flaming Cuyahoga River". Ordinary folks would be up in arms long before THAT could happen. Just imagine all the damage the EPA and their ilk have done since they started running amok with the extreemie-greenies. How, exactly will the Congress right these wrongs in a post-EPA country? Let's ask the Sacketts of Idaho what THEY would like done to fix the screwing THEY got, and are still getting. Me? I just want a @#$% gas can for my mower that does NOT have a push-twist-hold spout. You know- the can that's almost impossible to use by an old guy with arthritic thumbs. EPA approved. Thanks, Gina.
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