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Good grief! LYING even in the resignation speeches!! I was screaming at the TV so loudly I am sure the neighbors heard me. Holder and Obozo were touting their support for "equal protection under the law". I almost threw my beer bottle at the big-screen. Fast & Furious was equal protection?? So it's OK for the Fed to run guns to Mexican thugs, but NOT OK for anyone else to do something that wildly illegal? And it's OK for the IRS to grant liberal applicants a tax-exempt status, but NOT conservative groups?? Surely THAT'S equal protection, no? And attacking (persecuting) conservative reporters like James Rosen while ignoring the libtards is equal protection?? And of course, who can forget Holder's refusal to prosecute those Black Panther thugs menacing white voters at a polling place in Philadelphia. SURELY that's equal protection! Oh, now I remember- only BLACKS can be discriminated against! Uh-huh. Holder needs 15-25 in the BIG HOUSE with the MS-13 homies in D-block. Maybe a successful F&F prosecution will get him that. Maybe we'll get Obummer in there, too, for his participation in the IRS or immigration scams, or any of 50 other things.
This Holder boy needs 15-25 in Pelican Bay... with the HOMIES. Brian Terry deserved better.
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A Moral Universe Torn Apart

woofpacker75 Wrote: Sep 25, 2014 8:26 AM
So, after we ban abortion (with FEW exceptions) there will be MORE pressure on black women to stop procreating, MORE babies available for adoption, and MORE need for orphanages- facilities we should NEVER have pushed aside simply because "foster care and adoptions are better". The memories of this event and her thoughts and actions afterward will haunt this young woman every day for the rest of her life. She made that child PERSONAL and will never shake the images from her memory.
Holy smokes! The ads they run on TV for this show are DREARY and BOOOOORING!!! Maybe the show will turn out to be EXACTLY like Hildebeast's term as SOS- 142 foto-ops with banana republic dictators while explaining how global warming will hurt them and how Amierica will compensate them for their coming distress. Another winner for MSM "entertainment". Every bit as bad as their "news".
Obummer won by running against a fellow who wasn't on the ballot- GW Bush. Tillis can beat Hagan by POUNDING her with a guy who isn't running- OBUMMER. His 41% approval is the key. Bombing ISIS won't change that, and will likely HURT his approval among libs.
Sorry. Having been LIED to by this Obwama administration 1000s of times on 100s of issues, I choose to consider ALL FedGov information as at least "suspect", and likely "manipulated for political benefit of Democrats". Oh, and where ObamaCare is concerned, there is another possibility: THEY ARE SO INEPT THEY GOT NO FREAKIN' IDEA.
Folks HATE politicians who LIE to them. Conservatives should paint all Dem candidates with the tar-brush that Obama has handed us: LYING about ObamaCare, LYING and FRAUD about IRS viewpoint discrimination, LYING about Americans murdered in Benghazi, LYING about immigration of tens of thousands of Central American kids, and LYING about deaths of veterans directly attributable to the VA. Yes, I know there are MANY MORE, but this should be sufficient. After all, if Obama will LIE to us, who's to say all other Dems won't lie, too? He's taught them it's OK.
So, let me get this straight... The sun dumps about 10,000 times more energy on the earth than all human energy usage, BUT MANKIND IS RESPONSIBLE FOR CLIMATE DISRUPTION. Mankind's annual contribution to CO2 production is 4-5% of all natural sources, BUT MANKIND IS RESPONSIBLE FOR CLIMATE DISRUPTION. Global average temperature has not changed for 18 years, while CO2 in the air has increased 10%, BUT MANKIND IS RESPONSIBLE FOR CLIMATE DISRUPTION. The same people who have LIED to us about ObamaCare, the IRS, Benghazi, NSA spying on citizens, the VA killing vets, Fast & Furious, immigration, and 952 other scandals should now be trusted that all this "Climate Disruption" is SETTLED SCIENCE?? Let's ask Albert Einstein if he considered Isaac Newton's description of gravity to be "settled science" while he (Einstein) was writing his 1916 paper on General Relativity.
Sorry, Peter, I'm not buyin' it. Nowhere in Article 1 Section 8 is Congress given the power to support colleges or universities, or student loans. They must stop entirely. The entire system would work better if institutions of higher education competed for the best students, and those whose parents could not afford to pay the freight should enroll in "co-op" programs where they could work part of the year and attend school the other part. The need for (privately-funded) loans would be minimized, students would be hyper-careful about selecting a major that would lead to a JOB, and schools would have to charge FAR LESS than they do now, while sucking on the Federal teat. Follow the Constitution, demand merit-based admissions policies, require schools to compete to survive or thrive.
Without ground troops, a "strategy" of using only bombing to destroy ISIS has better include "carpet bombing" or better yet "NUKING" large areas of Syria and Iraq. I can't wait. Might as well nuke Iran and North Korea at the same time. Pesky vermin.
I have never understood why any university has any role to play after the commission of a felony. Any student is welcome to go to any person who he/she believes is a trustworthy adult for guidance, but that in no way should give the university any role to play. It's is clearly a matter for law enforcement, the DA, and the courts. Anything else might as well be Sharia Law.
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