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The "new math": 1200 trains heading south x 100 boxcars per train x 100 illegals per boxcar = 12 million illegals given a free ride home. Oh, and build a REAL fence at the same time the trains are rolling.
These lying NAACP weasels will soon disappear, along with many of their buddies among the MSMs. Both groups are showing America just how irrelevant they really are. The KKK has long-since become irrelevant, so these progressive boobs no longer have a real "boogeyman" to use as a foil. That "Republican thing" just ain't workin' for 'em! Someday, even the NAACP will notice. :o)
Please, someone tell this fat, stupid, woman to shut her fat, stupid mouth... AND GO HOME TO MAMA'S BASEMENT. Enough, already. Didn't you GET the Wednesday MEMO???
Yep, we're gonna have two years of blocking and reversing cr@p like this. The Repubs should make every bit of it VISIBLE to the voters, including THEIR POLICIES and PLANS to the contrary. Oh, and when Obama LIES, CALL HIM a LIAR. Stop being so d@mn NICE!!!
Every week I think, "Could you BE more stupid, Barack?" and every week I am proven WRONG. OK, maybe it's just "out of touch", but it sure looks like STUPID, fully ARROGANT, and always IRRESPONSIBLE.
Privatize, privatize, and... PRIVATIZE the TSA. Do that Jan 20, 2017, right after repealing ObamaCare, adopting the FairTax to close the IRS, and closing the EPA, GSA, USDA, DOT, Freddie, Fannie, Education, and Energy.
Do you suppose this woman is SO BAD as Mayor that the Dem-idiots who voted for her will SWEAR not to vote for another such wacko candidate? Bet not. After all, they are Dem-idiots. We will have to out-vote them, and SHOW them how it's to be done in the Mayor's office.
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If They Can’t Win Now, Then When?

woofpacker75 Wrote: Nov 01, 2014 11:57 AM
You're singin' my tune, Ransom! I've been telling Obummer-voters for years that America is just lucky that their man is a lazy, lying, arrogant, narcissistic, irresponsible, INCOMPETENT, Marxist weasel. Thank goodness for THAT!!!
Personally, I will only support tax reform that eliminates the IRS. That's the FairTax. Everything else leaves the jack-booted thugs in place. NO THANKS. They ALL need punishment, since they ALL are self-serving prog ideologue Democrats. "Send them away with the EPA." And ObamaCare, and the USDA, and the GSA and the TSA and the DOT and Energy and Education and Fannie and Freddie and... and... and...
Kay Hagan and Hildebeast: The Peter Principle in full view for everyone to see.
ACTIVE JAIL TIME for the supplier of these machines. AND, throw EVERY MACHINE in a DUMPSTER and HAUL THEM ALL TO THE SUPPLIER'S FRONT YARD. Buy some M-100 optical scanners- paid for by the current voting machine supplier. So let it be written, so let it be done.
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