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And just THINK how much tax money is being P I S S E D away while these Dem-weasels are ignoring the children. Usually they are first in line to say "it's for the children", but nooooo, not this time. Unions matter to Dems, kids don't- especially black kids who can't vote or donate. But it's us Tea Party Constitutional Conservatives who are the racists, right?
The really sad part is, even down here in the Sunny South (NC) there are now plenty of folks clamoring for the EXACT SAME USELESS C R A P!!! The lies have been told so long and so hard in so many speeches that Right-To-Work states are getting pelted with unionization efforts. Thanks, Kay Hagan. But honey, don't let the screen door hitcha where the Good Lord splitcha. Time to repeal the National Labor Relations Act. Start over.
The Democrat Party should be required to pick up the tab for all this interest. Break 'em FOREVER.
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The Multi-Faceted Farce of Obamacare

woofpacker75 Wrote: Mar 29, 2014 3:00 PM
Absolutely right! As long as this variant of "free stuff for everyone" persists IN ITS CURRENT FORM there will never be any sanity in visits to the hospital. I had eye surgery where pure water was injected into my right eyeball as the final step in correcting a detached retina. It was a small vial of water, just enough for an eyeball. On the hospital statement it was $15,000. Even the doc said "IT WAS WHAT????". Maybe everyone should be required to bring an insurance card, a valid credit card, or have a "government agent" in every ER ready to approve and pay for "truly necessary treatment". Get the hospitals and the insurance companies OUT of paying for the indigent.
Just imagine the GALL: Barry O'Bummer hands out millions of "free" cellphones to "his (unemployed) people", while at the same time telling young folks to give up their cellphone plan and/or cable TV so they can afford to buy his ObamaCare. Lying Democrat Weasel!!! Maybe the young folks will give up entirely on Dems until they reach their 40s, at which time many of them will naturally "get" conservatism.
Hmmmm... Black, arrogant, ignorant, on-the-take, and headed for "hard time in the big house". Yup, must be a Democrat Mayor.
Funny how virtually EVERY ISSUE the left supports or opposes ultimately addresses a hidden agenda: 1. They want power. 2. They want THEIR ideology implemented. 3. They want OUR money. Is there really anything else we need to know about fracking besides this: "Lisa Jackson, the former Director of the EPA and no friend of oil and gas, twice – yes, twice -- testified to Congress that there is not one case of water contamination from fracking."
In 2012 I was a Poll Observer for the Presidential election. I was working in a mostly black precinct next to NC State Univ. A white lady came in to vote. She carried a cane and was totally blind. She was eager to show her ID to anyone at the registration table, but of course in 2012 the Democrats still had blocked any requirement for IDs to vote. If this lady can whip out an ID to vote SURELY blacks can get off their butts and get an ID, too- since virtually ALL will already have one. Why, exactly, are we having this discussion? Ohhh that's right- the Democrats will start LOSING elections when an ID is required. No more busing in union thugs from Philly to vote in North Raleigh, then in Southeast Raleigh, then in Knightdale, then in Garner, then in Cary...
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Great Moments in Government Thuggery

woofpacker75 Wrote: Mar 20, 2014 7:24 AM
We cannot close the EPA fast enough! They, like labor unions, have FAR outlived their usefulness. Today their only purpose is to steal liberty, property or jobs from honest citizens. Come on 2017!
Boy, when you start lying, it's almost impossible to stop, isn't it? Huh, Barry? Hillary?
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