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Isn't it possible for Michiganders to vote NO on these tax increases, and also SLAP the SNOT outa every @#$% politician who voted FOR these taxes??? That's the lesson those Pols have GOTTA learn, sometime.
B U L L S H ! T, woman!!! They have NO RIGHT to WORK HERE!! She's WORSE than Comrade Holder. VOTE TO BLOCK CONFIRMATION, Richard Burr and Thom Tillis!!! NC deserves better.
So, in 2012, millions of conservatives STAYED AWAY FROM THE POLLS, OR DID NOT VOTE FOR ANY PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE. What has changed??? Why would ANY of them decide to vote for Mitt NOW, if they wouldn't THEN??? It's the same guy with the same life's stories!!! The conservatives all remember, and the Democrats all remember, too!!! How, exactly, will he win in 2016???
Last time I was in Brussels (years ago), they had cops with Uzis walking in pairs in the Airport. I guess the EU told 'em "Oh dear, that's not safe, and it just looks bad." Bull. Sounds like DEMOCRATS.
BULL!!! Just another LIE from a White House FULL of LIARS!!! I expect the guy at the top to PAY ATTENTION to important stuff!! This does NOT include getting "news" from ESPN, or spending the day in front of FOOTBALL. Somehow, the rest of the world's leaders KNEW what was going on and WERE paying attention. Lazy moron.
There will be a day of reckoning SOME DAY. And when it does, these people will catch the hell they deserve. It's called FRAUD and it's a CRIME, and there are millions of them mooching off the system RIGHT HERE. We can hope it's 2017. Reset the US government as fully constitutional. NO Dept of Education, NO Dept of Energy, NO EPA, NO IRS, NO TSA, NO DHS (BREAK IT UP), NO USDA, NO FEMA, NO DOT, NO DEA, NO ObamaCare, NO MORE ignoring the 1st, 2nd, and 4th amendments, and on, and on, and... on.
So, what should repubs DO to fix this mess? 1. CLOSE the Dept of Education. FedGov has NO place in education. Period. There is NO MENTION of education in a plain reading of Article 1 Section 8. 2. STOP making Pell Grants. Colleges, businesses, and civic organizations are still free to make academic and athletic grants as they see fit, as are the States. But NOT FedGov. 3. STOP making college loans from the FedGov trough. It's a private function. 4. Promote "co-op" education, where students WORK part of the year to pay for school, then STUDY the rest of the year. GUARANTEED the kids will be MUCH more careful to choose a major that produces an actual JOB and CAREER than would a degree in Caribbean Literature, Women's Studies, or Black Studies. And magically, the cost of higher ed will DROP LIKE A STONE as colleges see their gravy train dry up, and they are no longer able to fund the hyper-inflated salaries of their "Professors". They might even have to get rid of about 200 of their "Deans" and "VPs", and those Departments of Caribbean Literature, Women's Studies, and Black Studies. Boo hoo.
We moved to a small town this year, and the only down-side is there is no Chick-fil-A here. We eat in one whenever we can. And we ate in one when Glenn Beck had his national "Support Chick-fil-A Day". It was GREAT!!! The line for supper went out the door and up the street about 100 yards.
Tell me again, why there is NO emergency ventilation system for just such an occurrence? Seems like a tiny cost compared to all the other capital expenses.
How about NO free college to ANYONE, and NO FedGov involvement in any part of education??? Kids will ONLY appreciate college when they EARN the money (yes, with a REAL JOB) and PAY for their OWN education. Giving away more FedGov edu-freebies only makes the cost of higher ed escalate MORE QUICKLY. That's the LAST THING we need. Oh, and FREE COLLEGE only exacerbates the problem of students choosing idiotic, NO-JOB-PRODUCING majors. If THEY are paying for it, they will NOT choose "Caribbean Literature" over Computer Science. Close the Department of Education, cancel all Pell Grants, kill all FedGov-sponsored student loans. And get FedGov 100% OUT of k-12 education, too. Especially COMMON CORE and NCLB. Education is a STATE and LOCAL responsibility. NOWHERE in Article 1 Section 8 will you find education listed as an enumerated power of Congress.
He doesn't have the strategy, not the balls, not the wisdom, not the decency, nor the traditional American values to lift a finger. If ever there was ever an issue for the GOP to use (ok, besides ObamaCare) to separate the useless lefty Democrats from the "willing to see the light" Democrats, THIS IS IT. Maybe - just maybe - we will get a Congressional plan to take care of the Muslim Terrorist Menace forced on Obwama over his veto.
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