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Amnesty Gang Throws Law-Abiders Under the Bus

woofpacker75 Wrote: Jan 30, 2013 8:53 AM
Right, Mother of 4, all of your points are completely correct and appropriate. But I would go one step further: Shift all DEA agents over to ICE and Border Patrol jobs, and round up every illegal you can find. Put them on a train heading south. Sell all their possessions at public auction, or donate them to local charities. Yes, there will undoubtedly be some profiling needed to do this, but Americans should NOT be willing to wait for ages to get this job done. Legal immigrants should keep their green card or passport on them at all times to avoid any detainment. This problem with illegals will only get worse without ACTION. And we may have to remove a lot of DEMs to make it happen. What a nice thought!
President Obama and the bipartisan Gang of Eight in Washington who want to create a "pathway to citizenship" for millions of illegal aliens have sent a message loud and clear to those who follow the rules: You're chumps!

Have you patiently waited for months and years for the State Department and Department of Homeland Security to slog through your application? You're chumps!

Have you paid thousands of dollars in travel, legal and medical fees to abide by the thicket of entry, employment, health and processing regulations? You're chumps!

Have you studied for your naturalization test, taken the oath of allegiance to heart, embraced our...