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Egg on Face(book)

woodworker Wrote: May 29, 2012 10:38 AM
Remember the ads on TV years ago when the old guy comes on and he says "I earned money the old fashioned way....I worked for it"... Well, people should take that advice today. There is no "get rich schemes" out there that work. Hard work is the only way to success and wealth.

There will be investigations and already there are lawsuits over the rollout of Facebook's overhyped IPO last week, but no investigation is necessary into the reason for the outrage over the stock's rapid fall. It's called human nature.

It is the same characteristic that causes people to believe against staggering odds that they can win the lottery, or score big in Atlantic City or discover a fool-proof "system" for playing the stock market. It is the familiar get-rich-quick notion that somehow one can bypass hard work, sound financial planning and win The Big One, retiring to a life of ease.