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Announcing Keith Olbermann's Current TV Replacement: Joy Behar

woodworker Wrote: Jun 12, 2012 10:19 AM
CurrentTV is in the same category as MSNBC and HLN. They are both in the toilet in their ratings. I guess these pinheads didn't learn their lesson from Air America. No one in their right mind listens to this leftist propaganda. Joy Behar sure isn't going to help either.

As if we all needed another reason to never, ever watch Current TV, they gave us one! Joining the ranks of Elliot Spitzer and my former illustrious governor, economy-killer Jennifer Granholm, is none other than the Pride of the View herself: Joy Behar, ladies and gentlemen.

Beginning this September, Joy Behar, Emmy award winning talk show host, will make her return to primetime on Current TV’s new hour-long series. “The Joy Behar Show” (working title) will air nightly Monday through Thursday at 6pm ET and will repeat later the same evening in primetime. The timely and topical...