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Guns Gone Mad and Asteroids Gone Crazy

woodie144 Wrote: Mar 04, 2013 8:11 AM
Death panels for the elderly so we can watch the sky for meteors, asteroids, and comets. Or, maybe we could just tell all these would be elderly, who don;t sleep well at night anyway, for the most part, to get their butts out there looking for space junk rather than sitting the couch watching "I Love Lucy," "Leave It to Beaver," and "All in the Family" reruns. If you wake up to pee & can;t get back to sleep, get on the telescope. I guarantee these elderly will start falling asleep a lot more as they are bored to death watching stars wink, and asteroids creep. Besides, what does on do if they see one coming right at them? How long do they have to report the phenomena before it is too late?

With science today largely funded by government, you knew it wouldn‘t be long before the recent asteroid encounter in Chelyabinsk, Russia would lead to well-meaning, but mostly hysterical cries that we MUST DO SOMETHING about it;  “something” that costs a lot of money; “something” that involves thick scientific studies; and- the best part- “something” that promises no results for the fifty-to-a-hundred thousand years of program costs, run by the central and federal  government of the US-of-A.

If we don’t do “something,” NOW they’ll say, we’ll risk plague, locusts, drought and the usual assortment of frogs lets loose by the...